Three Questions Concerning The Joy Of The Lord.

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  1. Nehemiah 8:10b "For the joy of the LORD is your strength."

    Question # 1 What is the joy of the Lord?

    Question # 2 How does a believer in Jesus get the joy of the Lord?

    Question # 3 How does the joy of the Lord become our strength?
  2. Hello Brother Chopper,
    Finally a post I can relate to. ;)

    Question # 1 What is the joy of the Lord?

    The Joy of the Lord is a deep within joy made up of peace and love and grace and power and faith and so forth. This consumes us as our personality if you will and we are so in tune with God and His word and ways that nothing shakes us. We are confident in His word and ways and we know that we know he is God and has this covered for us.

    Question # 2 How does a believer in Jesus get the joy of the Lord?

    By spending good quality time with Him and His word. As you fill your being with Him and allow God to remove all the you that is not usable unto Him it simply begins to grow in you.
    Can you spend time out in the sun without getting sunburned or tanned ? Well you cant spend time with thee SON with out getting the Son in you.

    Question # 3 How does the joy of the Lord become our strength?

    When we are so full of Jesus that it is Jesus that arises in any situation over our self then that would become our strength.
    We have our minds and hearts fixed on Jesus so much that His ways have now become our ways and no matter what situation you find your self in, well you wont panic or fear or be moved by it for you will simply stay the same Joyful person walking in Faith.

    It is these types of people you want around in a tragedy for they keep their composure and stay calm and know His word in a very confident way and God and His word is what they operate in. These type of people can remain still in a crisis and hear from God where others tend to fall into fear and panic and their MINDS ARE TALKEN TO MUCH for them to hear God in the situation.

    The Joy of Thee Lord is Our Strength for not even the devil can steel this from us unlike happiness and some peace that depends on emotions and things in order to be and can be taken in a moment once something moves our emotions.

    The Joy of the Lord is our strength because it is the Lord In Us taking the lead over our self.
    I tried to limit this to an easy short read. I sure hope it gets my point across still.
    God Bless you Chopper my friend and brother
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  3. The joy of the Lord is a fruit of the spirit.

    A believer in Jesus can obtain this joy by meditating on God's Word and ways.....developing the trust in Him and His love for us...that produces pure peace that passes all of our understanding, in all situations.

    When we rely on God and His love for us, and that peace or place of being settled in God's love and promises that He is building in us....not allowing our situation to move us from the Word of God that is richly planted in us, it becomes our strength, because we are not moved by anything other than what we know to be true of the Word.

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  4. Thanks Jim. Please, if you have more insight into this topic, please let it fly. Your post was excellent, but I think you have more to say....Love You!
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  6. Well, I would at this point reserve my answer for Q1 to see how it unfolds, but will say it's very much related to my answer for Q2.
    Q2 - Proverbs 12:20 - who promotes peace have joy. It goes a bit deeper than this, in terms of your own peace. You will not successfully promote what you do not hold dear.
    Q3 - Nothing will be able to defeat you.
  7. Joy rests on who God is and His character....
    Contrast this against "Happiness" - which rests upon our own "Feelings"....

    The world chases "Happiness" - and has no idea what Joy is...
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  8. I can't top that; so a hearty AMEN from me will have to do. ;)
  9. 1. The joy of the Lord is God's great gift, given in measure to His children by His Spirit. His joy! Our strength!

    2. Every believer has a measure of His joy that comes from being at peace with God and having his sins dispatched, but when a person is overcome by the power and baptism of the Holy Spirit, sometimes God actually gifts that person with an overabundance of His joy! It becomes a hallmark of that person in any group and in any setting, and that person continually radiates His joy to those around him/her. It's a particularly special gift.

    3. As we submit to the Holy Spirit, allowing the joy and peace of the Lord to govern us, and as we live cultivating the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, we should discover that that is where the strength of the Lord lies in our lives.

    His joy is the boat that carries us along over the waves! That's the way I experience it!
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