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  1. "You will often hear of the biblical lands of Judea & Samaria being referred to as the so-called “West Bank”, or the “occupied territories.” But, can Israel be an occupying power in its own land? We know that according to the Bible, Israel does not exist by the grace of the United Nations, but by the grace of God on the basis of an everlasting covenant to which the Lord swore a solemn oath." ~~ Israel365
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  2. "Jewish tradition describes three partners in forming a child - the mother, the father and the Almighty. But in Israel, there is a fourth loving partner: EFRAT, the premier Israeli pro-life organization which saves thousands of Jewish babies every year." ~~ Israel365
  3. When you come to the Land, you shall plant trees.
    LEVITICUS (19:23)

    "Since the Jews began returning to the Land, they looked to today’s verse for inspiration and planted trees. In fact, since 1901, through the Jewish National Fund, over 240,000,000 trees have been hand-planted in Israel - that’s right - planted by people like you and me! Now is your chance to make a lasting impact on the Land of Israel by planting your tree in Israel before the Sabbatical year of rest for the Land begins, in just a few weeks!" ~~ Israel365
  4. Question for anyone who knows the answer:
    According to Torah, how long should one wait to harvest fruit from the new trees?

    Secondary question:
    What has science taught us about this waiting period?
  5. Israel Inspiration
    The story of God’s selection of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the origins of the Jewish nation, is a timeless one. Though God’s promise to Abraham was indeed fulfilled, the story does not end there. This is a story which continues to unfold over thousands of years; it follows the same pattern. God has made an eternal promise to the Jewish people. There are many difficult times along the way: persecution, slavery, exile, pogroms, and even the horrors of the twentieth century. Never have we forgotten God’s promise to Abraham that his children will be a great nation, a nation that resides in the land of Israel. Read more in the final chapter of our free download “The Choosing of a Chosen People: Israel’s Descent to Egypt.” ~~ Israel365
  6. To paraphrase Star Wars... This is not the Israel that scripture foretold.
  7. Israel Inspiration
    In “The Battle for Jerusalem," author Avraham Rabinovich describes the bravery of Israeli officers who led their troops and exposed themselves to the greatest danger in the trench-fighting on Ammunition Hill, the bloodiest battle of the fight for Jerusalem in the Six-Day War. At that terrible battle, Israeli troops suffered a 50% casualty rate - among officers it was over 70%. Yet at the hospital to which Jordanian casualties were evacuated, not a single officer was found among the wounded; most had deserted their troops. The leadership and courage of Israel’s officers led the way to the victory that reunified Jerusalem. Support the “guardians” of Jerusalem today, and download a commemorative Jerusalem Day IDF Photo Book from LIBI USA, the official fund of the IDF. ~~ Israel365
  8. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, we just got word from the IDF that 23 year old soldier Hadar Goldin has been abducted by Hamas, just hours after the terrorists agreed to a 3 day ‘ceasefire’. Our hearts go out to Hadar’s terrified family and I urge you to stop what you're doing to say a prayer for the safety of Hadar Goldinthe son of Chedva Leah.

    May Hashem who neither slumbers nor sleeps allow the long arm of the IDF to bring immediate freedom to Hadar Goldin and crush the evil terrorists driving them out of our beloved Land of Israel. May the God of Israel grant true and eternal peace to the People of Israel living in the Land of Israel.

    Shabbat Shalom,
    Rabbi Tuly Weisz
  9. #1.....3 years.

    #2....I am not sur if it is science or not but, self-control and discipline remind us that there is more to life than just eating.
    Greed, lack of control, the need for instant gratification and hedonism are destructive and create empty lives and purposeless existence.
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  10. And why did Israel fight on so hard for that last piece of land and suffer so many causalities?
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