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    Good Day, Friends; In Exodus 20:2, The First Commandment states, " Thou shalt have no other gods before Me." Our Heavenly Father set forth those laws as a guide for proper living and as a path to our Salvation in Eternity. Many persons these days do not have any moral commitment to following God's Law or honoring Him, and the turmoil that we see in the world today is a direct result of that lack of moral fiber in individuals.
    All that we can do, is to set a proper example for others in hopes that we can influence their lives in some way and to steer them on to God's Path. We sew the Seeds of Truth... what they do with those seeds will determine their fate at the great and final Judgement. May God Bless.
  2. So true Pastor Gary , thanks

  3. Pastor, when I was out in the world, fighting and scraping by to live, I'd sometimes hear this commandment and I'd think to myself: How dare He? I'm my own being, capable of reaching my own conclusions - He made me that way! I'm my own person, I don't belong to anybody!:mad: I don't owe anything to anybody. I answer to no one!

    Times have changed, oh they have. Today I realize that God is the reason that I'm here. I don't belong to anybody, that's true. I don't even belong to myself...I'm His. This, who I am, is His work. He fashioned me for His enjoyment. He's the Supreme Being. All good, the final authority. All of this, anything I can touch, feel, smell, hear, think, see, and dream...they're all His.

    We will have no other gods before Him. We recognize that He is God. There is none higher than Him. I should rejoice in that, because He only wants good for me in this life...and what's to come.

    Thanks for the reminder, Pastor. God bless!:)

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