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    Good Day, Friends; Caring, helping others and being kind are all attributes that we try to attain and live each day. Those persons who experience burdens in their lives may need our comforting and our caring in order to deal with their problems. To help others in this way is looked upon by God as a good work and we will be rewarded in Heaven by those good works that we offer while here on earth. In the Book of Acts 20:35 we are told that 'it is better to give than to receive'. Our help and our caring towards others makes a difference in their lives and we truly feel rewarded simply by offering that help. May God bless you for all that you do for others.
  2. Thank you
    and you are so right~

  3. Thanks Pastor Gary

  4. Thanks Pastor Gary, I missed your wisdom while you gone!
  5. Thank you, Larry. Our trip covered 3100 road miles in seven states over an 11 day period. We were involved in scheduled meetings with Emergency Operations Center and Emergency Management Agency personnel as well as American Red Cross Disaster Response Teams in hurricane prone areas. We also made visits to our Chapel venues in Alabama and Florida to make certain that everything is running smoothly and we had meetings with our Tropical Weather Systems Advisory Group team headquartered in southern Alabama for pre-2008 hurricane season coordination. Very intense storms took place in several local areas while we were on the road and we are praying for the families of victims in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia who were ravaged by tornadoes on Feb. 12 and on Feb. 17. We arrived back at our northern headquarters/Rectory on Monday the 18th. The final 96 miles of our trip was in near-blizzard conditions, but we made it through safely.
  6. That sounds like quite an adventure!:D
  7. Wow...while some men are at home, chained to their recliners watching sports; you're out there, making your own life an adventure and sport for God's glory.

    The stories you must have!:D
  8. Nice to have you back Pastor Gary....... I missed you. God Bless all the work you do for Jesus.

  9. Thank you all, but the praise should be directed to the company that I work for... "God and Son"

    Without them leading the way, I would have nothing to do... LOL. :)

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