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  1. Thought for This Week

    Good Day, Friends; Those persons who disobey both God's Law and civil law are among those souls who may not see the Eternity. God is fair and expects all His children to do what is right. When we sin, we are to repent sincerely and make every possible attempt not to commit that sin again. God forgives us when we repent, but let's look at Proverbs 28:13 (KJV) for an example of what can happen if we do not. "He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy." Eternal life or not. It is the choice of the sinner. May God bless.
  2. Amen , P. G. My Pastor had a sermon on that just this past Sun.:)
  3. So true but God says if we confess our sins He is faithfull and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrightouseness Tthe Precious Blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin if we have truly repented God sees. I dont understyand how some believers can claim that even as believers we will still sin is it possible yes if we say we have not sinned we only decieve ourselves but from what the bible teaches there is a p[lace of total victory its only in Christ Jesus.Believers need to be carefull what they teach and what they believe if its written its true its Gods word If we see to be justified in Christ and are found to be sinners is Christ a minister of sin. God forbid If i rebuild again those things i have destroyed i make myself a transgresser Lord please forgive me.Your word is true and i want to walk ion complete obedience to Your truth i come into Your light Lord Jesus please forgive me for believing a lie that was taught to me from when i first got saved.I pray for my precious brothers and sisters in Christ who hold to this beliefe and i pray open thier eyes my eyes and deliover us from all deciet.I dont want to hide behind lies i want to walk in the truth of Your word and the light of Your presence.I shared to scriptures just read them straight from Gods word and a believer yelled at me and said if i believed that i was going to go to hell.The picture that im seeing around me does not add up i admit my sins ive confessed my sins why is it i keep getting told that im living in sin and thats all i will everv do thats a lie and is not truth my God l;oves me and all His promises are Yes and Amen in Christ Jesus for all believers.Can someone please tell me why believers are taught this it only confuses and leaves believers trapped in a place that God never intended for His p[eople to be.
  4. Please Dear Lord lead us out of temptation for the Spirit is strong and the Flesh is weak.

    We must keep the Good fight, as I'm a miserable man, for I do not do for what I want to do.

    God bless
  5. Please dont missunderstand my statement there are different stages in every believers my hearts desire is to live a life worthy of His calling not only for me but for all believers how Great is Our God and how Worthy is He of our love and adoration obedience is better than sacrifice God is love we are commanded firstly and most importantly to love Him with all our heart mind and soul and strength and secondly to love all believers even the weak who struggle they need our love and support honestly im so weak and aknowledge how desp[eratley i need HIs grace His mighty power to sustain me. Please Lord hear my cry hear the cruy of Your people without You we cannot but with You we can and will do all things for the glory of Your name.Im so sorry for my sins my attitude at times Lord please heal and restore .I humbly ask this in Jesus name amen.
  6. Amen dear Brother

    God Bless
  7. I don't get it...

    Does that mean that if you go to Hell that you will die again and just never live? I don't get it, sorry :p
  8. Pamela - That means that while we are here on Earth, that it is our choice to either follow Satan's ways or to follow God.

    If people follow Satan's ways, they may not have salvation and eternal life.

    Sincere enlightenment, godly learning and a change of heart, along with sincere repentance is available to Satan followers as it is with all others. It is their CHOICE to do so or not.
  9. But what is meant with "eternal life"?
  10. Please PM me for additional information.

    Eternal Life is a basic concept of Christianity and is best discussed in this particular case in Private Messaging.
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