This Was A Surprise Yesterday After My Wife Came Home From Church

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  1. My wife went to our old church yesterday so that our daughter can have some contact with other children. Plus she promised the pastor's wife that she would bring our daughter as she hadn't seen her in a few weeks.

    When she got home yesterday I asked if the pastor was still preaching the series on stewardship, she said no and went on to explain that he was preaching mainly to unbelievers in church this morning, but also on authority and structure of authority. She said that during the whole service what stuck out to her and what she kept hearing is what was a surprise yesterday.

    She let me know that was stuck out to her and what she kept hearing was that she needs to follow me. That as long as I am not doing anything that goes against God, that she needs to follow me. So if I am going to a Lutheran church, she should be coming with me as well because spouses are supposed to be going to the same church. The whole family is supposed to be going to the same church.

    She went up to talk to the pastor after service was finished and she let him know that I really like going to a Lutheran church and that what she kept hearing is that she needs to follow me. The pastor let her know that what she said is great news, that he was happy to hear it and that he would expect nothing less and she is doing what she should be doing when she follows me.

    One of the other things she mentioned that the pastor said was that, and she is applying this to her, that spouses should show a greater amount of attention to the things that the other spouse likes. So she let me know that she is going to try and like the things that I do.
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  2. The pastor was 100% correct, and I'm glad your wife took it well and intends to follow through.

    I've known more than a few women that got a bit rebellious when confronted with the "obey your spouse" dictum.
  3. If she follows through remains to be seen unfortunately. While yesterday was indeed a surprise, she has said something similar a couple times before, but didn't follow through.

    I am praying that this time she sticks to it as it would alleviate a bit of conflict between us.
  4. What was surprising?
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    That she came home and said what she did. I wasn't expecting it.
  6. You weren't expecting the pastor to say that the family should attend the same church?
  7. That my wife stated what she did about what she kept hearing. The pastor didn't keep saying that you need to follow him, but as he was talking that small voice was saying it to her. That she needs to follow me.

    I expected this particular pastor to say that, yes, but not all pastors whose church I have attended have said that. Most say that it is alright for spouses to go to two completely separate churches and my wife has used their words so that she can go to a different church than me.

    So for her to come home yesterday and say that she kept hearing that she needs to follow me surprised me. If she follows through is a different story though.

    This Sunday will not be a Sunday that I can count as she said two weeks ago that she was going to go to the Lutheran church and bring our dog with her for the blessing of the animals.
  8. So...
    Here's what works for me in situations like this...

    Get down on your knees and thank God with all your heart, soul, and strength.
    Let God know that you SEE and acknowledge what He is doing.....

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    First thing i did while she was talking to me is thank Him. While it was not on my knees (I don't get on my knees to pray as i have bad knees) I did thank Him with all that i have.

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