This or That???

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  1. This or That???

    :fish::fish::fish::fish:These fish really illustrate the topic of this game quite well!!!

    It is a Word Game called "This or That" and its a game of choice.

    I'll start:

    Coke or Pepsi?

    provide your answer and type in the next one you come up with. So again I start:)

    Coke or Pepsi?
  2. I may be wrong, but let's give it a try.
    Answer A choice of beverage!

    Good or Evil?
  3. Good

    A choice of eternal life.

    Summer or winter?
  4. Summer!

    Pecan pie or apple pie?
  5. Apple Pie

    Coke or Pepsi? Choose one :)
  6. Coke

    Maple syrup or Blueberry

    Can you tell I'm hungry?
  7. :dance:Maple syrup :dance:

    Raspberries or banannas?:rolleyes:

    little bit :dance:
  8. Bananas

    Rain or Sun
  9. Right now Rain :)

    Night or Day?
  10. Night, since that's when I'm awake the most!

    Lilacs or Roses
  11. Roses

    Pink or silver?:confused:
  12. Pink

    Mulch or gravel
  13. Mulch :)

    Toast or oatmeal:confused:
  14. Oatmeal~

    Fried chicken or garden salad
  15. I do like Garden Salads!!!

    Drawing or Singing?
  16. I do love to draw!!!

    Mountains or Prairies
  17. MOUNTAINS!!! Yay!!

    DVD or video? What a silly question!
  18. DVD:)

    Bubbles or sparkley paint?

  19. Sparkley paint!! OOo pretty

    Paris or Loudon?
  20. Is that supposed to be London? If so London!!!:)

    grapes or kiwi?


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