This Morning. A True Story

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  1. This Morning. A True Story

    I thought you might enjoy this

    This morning I was a visiting preacher at a church in a local town. I arrived about 40 minutes before and was chatting to the church secretary. He was on the platform. A structure about 2 feet high at the front of the church for the pulpit, musicians, etc.

    While I was chatting to him he was adjusting the carpet on the platform. He gave it a tug and the next think I knew a stand with a large vase of flowers had toppled over and the flowers and their water landed on my head.

    I was drenched. Head, jacket, shirt, tie, trousers the lot. Dripping wet and due to preach in about 30 minutes.

    I could not stop laughing but he was so embarrassed We found a quiet back room and I had to strip and borrow a baptisimal gown and put my clothes on the various wall heaters. About 5 minutes before the service I was able to dress again and the service continued with most of the congregation none the wiser.

    At least they did not sing "There shall be showers of blessing"
  2. Perhaps " Let the river flow"would have been more appropriate!LOL:D
    Just consider yourself freshly baptizes Ray!
  3. Oh No...... Good job you could laugh about it.:D:D

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