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  1. This is

    the son of the Pastor of the church where I grew up. My Mom has been in this church for 54 years. I used to play at the pastor's house with Chip's sisters. He was younger than us and would always pick at us and pull our pony tails and stuff.

    I'm so proud of their work for the Lord. I'm glad that his Daddy got to see it before he got Alzheimers.

    I love this song.

  2. Thanx for sharing that with us! It looks like a huge church. Very beautiful. Who was His daddy? I also listened to "Come in From the Outside." It was really good also. They were so alive and enthusiastic!
  3. Edited to say, that I just realized that you might be talking about this church. If so, this is actually TBN. They appear on that show quite often. But there church is large and beautiful also.

    His Father's name is Reverand Paul Radke. That is Chip's name too but they called him that because they always said "he was a chip off the old block". Brother Radke, Chip's Dad built that church from the ground up, literally. It was in another location, but the congregation grew so large they had to build a bigger one. It also has a Christian school.

    I haven't been in the church since Chip took over, but my Mom says he and his wife are awesome. My Mom says that it took some getting used to the new style music, but she told me just yesterday that she couldn't help but stand up and dance for the Lord.

    I have seen a few pastors that I knew fall from grace, but not Brother Radke, Chip's Father, he talked the talk and walked the walk. He wasn't into personal possessions, he was into winning souls. He always asked my Mom about me, and I hate it that I came back to the Lord after he was sick and he couldn't know that I came back.

    It's a great church and I just wish I didn't live so far away, so I could go every Sunday with my Mom.

    Blessings, Cheri

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