this is the problem

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  1. this is the problem

    i see a mugger hitting a 80year old woman and robbing her God side says grab the attacker and make him Christ side says he is being used by satan so take pity on a man i cannot do i need help from both sides,there is no other when Christ says if you have the son you have the father also.we depend on God to interveen.i need God more in this world by being with Christ.:)
  2. if you saw that happening, and saw that you had a decent chance of running after the man, then do so. run after him, grab him, throw him to the ground, get the purse back, and return it. no further punishment is necessary.

    now if you see that you have no chance of running after the man, or if running after him would endanger you as well, then go to the old lady, pray for her, bless her, console her, do whatever you can to make the situation better.

    that's what Christ would do

  3. Major

    Say a prayer of guidence, Call 911 and tell the police, and then throw your phone at the attacker and allow God to guide your throw.:israel:

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