This Is Testimonial From A Christian Song That I Like

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  1. This testimonial is from the christian song that I love very much, I cry everytime I heard it."Sentuh hatiku" in Indonesian language (Touch My Heart) is written by a young talented christian singer, inspired by his friend. His school friend is raped by her own father, when she was 13-15 years old maybe,she stressed and become mad, her family chain her. He used to come to her house to pray for her, then he moves to other city so he doesn't know about her again. One day after 12 years passed, he got a call from a woman he doesn't know, she told him that she is the girl he used to come and pray for her. At first, he thought "how could a crazy woman could make a phone call and seems normal?", then she told him her story. One day, her chain suddenly broken, don't know it is broken because it's old or other reason. So when she know that she is free, the first thought she really wants to do is searching her father and kill him. But before she ready to get up, suddenly in front of her, there is Jesus, standing. Long hair, white long robe, golden sandal, and so sparkle. He said to her, "you must forgiving your father." When Jesus said that to her, she is become angry and hysteric, shout and kick, refused to forgive her father. Until Jesus hugged her and told her that He loves her, at that moment, she feels like she is free from her own chain, she feels free from all her hatred for his father, and crying loud. Since then, she could forgive her father (I heard that before he died he asked her forgiveness, he felt depressed and guilty), and now she is giving her testimonial to the church and another churches. That's why he made the song about asking God to touch her heart and give a new heart that full of love and forgiveness.
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  2. Some people may think that forgiving others is letting them off the hook. In truth, forgiving others breaks the chains that bind your own heart. Thank you, Etty, for reminding me of this truth.
  3. It's reminding me too. How hard to forgive your enemy, when they hurting your heart but God told you to forgive them so God will forgive you too and set you free. I heard my friend's testimonial about a young woman who had throat cancer asked a priest for her healing, when God told her to forgive someone she hates, then she remember about someone she hated most (she didn't remember about it at all) she said yes and then her cancer gone. Now I could let go all hatred feelings and forgiving others, well though sometimes it's still hard. :(

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