this is satans kingdom

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  1. this is satans kingdom

    the evidence is overwhelming.if you have 1 rotten apple in a barrel then the barrel turns rotten also.we are fed satans lies through people.if Christ was here with God,there would be no death ,no hospitals,no disease etc etc etc.the proof is in the Christ said i will draw all men to me .3rd day raised from death unto Christs words through scripture,and the holy spirit which talks to our spirit.stop following wolves pretending to being to God,let God show you truth.don,t let any man be your master,Christ is our master and is the man to listen to,not bod the are building satans kingdom,Christ returns to knock it down flat.
  2. we wait for good food,mana from heaven,we need good words and good ways.all we get on earth is poisoned food from satan,propaganda and false ways,false codes,full of lies and only there to break you from Christ.if you have the son,you have the father can,t talk to God but through not be tricked into foolishness,and bullied into false messages.
  3. You are correct my friend. The biggest failure I have seen in my life is the inability of men to read the Bible. When we fail to read God's Word and understand how to stand against eveil we will then fall for any thing that comes along that sounds good and speaks to our "old nature".

    Ephesians 2:2
    "Wherein in time past ye (all of us) walked according to the
    course of this world according to the prince of the power of the
    air, the spirit that now workketh in the children of disobedience".

    John 12:31
    "Now is the judgment of this world; now shall the PRINCE OF

    John 16:11
    "Of righteousness because the prince of this world is judged".

    How does all of that fit in today? There must be a "falling away" (Apostasy) before the Rapture will happen and the Antichrist is revealed.

    1Timoty 4:1
    "Now the Spirit speaks expressly that in the latter times some
    shall depart (Reject, fall away) from the faith giving heed to
    seducing spirits and doctrines of devils".

    2 Timoth 4:3
    "For the time will come when they (people) will not endure sound
    doctrine but after their own lusts shall they heap unto
    themselves, teachers having itching ears, and they shall turn
    away their ears from the truth and shall be turned into fables".
  4. It's such a shame. They don't know what they're missing. The Bible is full of wonders, knowledge, love and breath-taking wisdom. Mysteries of life would be solved if they would only read it. And of course the knowledge of salvation would be there as well :)

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