This Is Not Funny

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Dusty, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Wow. That is absolutely terrible. :(

    I'm so thankful we don't have unions in Kansas.

    I suppose it would be illegal for a private company to go into Toronto and start hauling that trash away?

    It is a shame that so many people have to suffer over the greed and lazyness of a few.
  2. Oh Barb...that's ewwwwwwww awful.:eek: I'm so sorry that y'all are having to go through something like that. I can't imagine it.

    I will say a prayer that this gets resolved quickly.

    Blessings, Cher
  3. Exactly and that is what it is greed cause this issue is over their accumulative sick days . They get 18 per year and if they don't take them , when they retire they can get a nice pay out . The city says in these economic times that is not viable so the two are at a standoff.

    But what I can't understand is the mayor and also the provincial member don't want to step in and order them back to work .
  4. Now we have a rail stike . This has gone too far.Thousands of people's holdays have been ruined ... but do they care ?

    And day 33 for the outside and inside workers strike . Children have been denied parks and swimming pools and other city run programs . And the garbage is pied up in parks as temporary dump sites .

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