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  1. Hello and just a quick message.

    We've been on forums for quite some time now as part of our labours for the Lord and as Christian Pastor, I've always been open to all of the aspects of God whether it be him speaking to you through the Word and Spirit, tranforming and intervening in situations and of course, performing miracles in this day and age. Forums however, have always been a bit of grey area for me in that you can experience some real unfruitful and wicked messages making you think like 'what's the point!' However, I have to say, this Forum is absolutely excellent, I believe due to the individuals involved and the way God works through you guys and I have say, my mind has changed somewhat in that I would highly recommend CFS (maybe not some others) to any Christian, to be challenged and grow in their knowledge of Jesus. Not as a substitute for assembling ourselves together in a congregation, but as a healthy add-on to their Christian lives.

    A lot of Christians struggle especially in smaller towns and villages due to not having a circle of close Christian friends for social time so I think this is a great way to be encouraged and built up in the Lord. Well done everybody, really enjoying CFS
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  2. Christian, this forum has been an oasis for me. I came here in terror, looking for an answer when my husband and I had our first real verbal fight, but it was right after an incident on another forum.

    Briefly, I had asked a question somewhat facetiously, but I did want some answers. What happened blew me away! While my granddaughter and I were having fun with it, teasing each other back and forth, someone got very angry and wrote some uncalled-for things, and she was an acquaintance for whom I care deeply! It suddenly occurred to me: this is not the first time I have seen something like this; I simply don't want to be a part of it, and I don't want to perpetuate these responses. I needed to just walk away, and when I did, this is where I landed.

    As I wrote, indeed, it has been an oasis!
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  3. I have to agree, it the best one I've encountered so far but just like any other sphere in our Christian walk, there's always going to be the silly comments toward us. On some other forums it's not just silly or imature comments, some as you may have already experienced, are downright evil from the pit, I was quite surprised i must admit. Definitely a lot of Godly Christians (most definitely including yourself!) here though and there's no doubt God's using this forum for his glory.
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  4. . . . The silliness is part of the joy of being here. Love the silliness!

    But you, as is obvious here, are so kind to write such things as that within your last sentence. I have just sat back and blessed the L-rd for you and so many others here. It is a great place.

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