This is a Cool Story!

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  1. This is a Cool Story!

    :-D This a cool story I read today and
    would like to share it with you all!

    Colombian musicians turn guns into guitars to
    make music - as well as a point.

    BOGOTA, Colombia - It's not long after you enter
    the world of Cesar Lopez that you realize he doesn't
    color inside the lines.

    He is a classically-trained musician and composer
    who studied at Colombia's best conservatory. But
    instead of concert hall performances he chooses to
    play his music on the streets of Bogota. He writes
    all of his songs on air-sickness bags he collects
    uring his travels.

    But there's much more to the gun than its history:
    six metal guitar strings stretch from the mid-point
    of its wooden stock, across the loading chamber,
    past the fret board threaded over the weapon's
    barrel, ending at a guitar neck flaring
    past the muzzle.

    It was during the 2003 bombing of the El Nogal
    nightclub which killed 36 people in the capital's trendy
    Zona Rosa district that Lopez got the idea for turning
    guns into guitars.

    "We were playing our music on the streets near the
    club," he says, "when I noticed that a soldier was
    holding his rifle the same way I was holding
    my guitar."

    The prototype hangs on Lopez's wall, but the design
    has evolved.

    "In the first one," he says, pointing out the strings
    suspended above the gunstock, "the guitar isn't well
    integrated with the gun. But it's better now. The gun
    is in service to the guitar, which is the idea."

    Lopez says he gets the guns through an anti-land
    mine group connected to Colombia's peace
    commissioner's office. Most of the firing components
    are removed so it can no longer be fired.

    Then a guitar maker adds the fretboard, strings and
    neck as well as an input for the electric amp.


    "Violence fears love because it is stronger,"
    Lopez says, strumming the gun guitar on a hammock
    strung between two walls of his living room.
    "Violence fears my voice because it goes
    beyond death."

    It's part of project in which Lopez transforms weapons
    of war into instruments of killer sound, using them
    in a kind of political performance art.

    He and singer Adriana Luce demonstrate by
    performing in his living room — an untitled, ethereal
    work which belies the guitar's vestiges of its past.


    Lopez says he just received a dozen AK-47 assault
    rifles, the world's most ubiquitous automatic weapon,
    from the peace commissioner's office, and is having
    them made into guitars.

    After reading this article today and 'listening' to the
    artist's music I was immediately reminded of
    these scriptures!

    Isa. 2:4: And he shall judge among the nations,
    and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords
    into plowshares,and their spears into pruninghooks:nation shall
    not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn
    war any more.

    No more hate, no more violence, no more injustice
    when the Lord Jesus will physically rule and reign on
    earth! .....neither shall they learn war
    any more.

    God Bless,
  2. Also many countries are buying nuclear fuel for energy purposes which were otherwise used in nuclear bombs (worst nightmare). :smt035 to :smt070
    Interesting story.

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