This frustrated me

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  1. This frustrated me

    I'm pretty much an atheist, but i go to a christian school and nearly all of my friends are christians - unsuprisingly.
    I don't know how this occured, but i was having a conversation with on of my christian friends about gay people. She was saying that she had nothing against gay people, just 'what they do'. By this she meant that she didn't approve of their relationships and sex etc., so i asked her what was wrong with it. Her response was that god says sexual relations of two people of the same gender is a sin. I can't get my head around what is actually wrong with it, why it is a sin, but i'm not going to go into that.
    I started saying something about being born gay, and how people can't help it. However, she said that everyone is born straight, and no one is born gay because being gay is a sin and god wouldn't let people be born with sin. I really, really, really wanted to contine the conversation, but my friend just said 'leave it', which was extreemly frustrating.

    I don't usually mind what people believe - there's no use getting worked up about a different view of life to your own - live and let live - but this really annoyed me, because it wasn't fair on so many people. It's like saying women shouldn't vote because men are the more superior gender, or something stupid like that. It's the 21st century!

    Anyway, i'd like to know what you think about this little conversation i told you about, and also maybe your opinion on subject.

    Thanks for reading :D
  2. Do you really not know what the Christian view here is? There are some inconsistencies with your friends account, and the "official" Christian world view, but for the most part, if you were frustrated by your friends answers you will be frustrated by most of ours...

    What do you really want?
  3. Indeed.
  4. well I agree on the fact that it is a sin to have homosexual relationships. The bible does very much condemn it and relationships were created to bring about a pur sanctified marriage between a man and a women, not only to multiply and fill the earth, but also because this relationship is how God intended it to be. He gives different roles to men and women and a marriage between them, based on Gods.

    But, every man is born into sin. We are sinner's when we enter this world and the only way that we can be without sin is to be washed in the Holy blood of Christ because He was the ultimate sacrifice and the only one that was worthy enough to wash away our sins.
    I do encourage you to visit a local church. To learn for your self about God, the Son and the Holy Spirit and then make a decision on what faith you are dear friend.
    blessings to you.
  5. I'm not about to tell you that there are not people born and living in the world that have a physical predisposal to homosexuality. A simple hormone imbalance can cause the lack of desire for the other gender and there are other medical factors that can alter sexual desire. But just like wiith a heteralsexual the "sin" is not in the desire, but in what one does with it. A straight person who has sex outside of marriage, a theif, murderer, adulterer are just as much "in sin" as a practicing homosexual.

    The old excuses/defences "God made me this way"(Christian)or "that's just the way I am"(Non christian)can be just as readily used to justify stealing murder, rape, adultry, forication or any number of unnarural and or immoral acts.
    We all can give in to the desires of the flesh or natural inclination or we can resist them for a much higher purpose. Our creator's intended purpose for us. . .

    There are other factors that lead people into sin and in that respect many "gays" are no differant. While there are certianly some who (we could say) have a medical excuse for many more it is most assuredly a matter of choice. A choice certianly influenced by up bringing, social and cultrial morals and personal issues such as character and self esteem and personal worth.

    The vast magority of "gays" are caught up in "life style",praticing it to fill some other need. To be noticed, to be popular or differant, in rebelion, as a means to support other destructive habits or establish a feeling of intimacy or pride on some level.

    I take any such immoral life style seriously because I have seen and know what they are and what they can lead to. The gay life style is very dangerous and violant. Stats show that gays are 9 to 10 times more likely to be victoms of violance than their hetero counterpart. Not from the out side as one might expect, but from their partners and the crowd they associate with. And there is a strong corrilation between that life style drug and alcohol abuse and suiside as well.
    It is certianly not something one should get into just for the adventure as so many do. It is not a benign game, something to play around with. It is not just fun and games or something to be used to get attention. It is very serious and very costly and very very dangerous.

    That's not fair???? This isn't fair???? what is fair???
    It's not fair to group or prejudge homosexuals. . . Your right about that. . . But two wrongs don't make either of them right. it is also not fair to portry it as natural, fun or benign with out consiquences. It's not right to coax or coerce children or young adults into a dangerous lifestyle when they are most vunerable.
    I believe it is every ones right to make an informed choice. the important word there is informed but it is only "fair" that we as individuals a take the consiquences of our choices. And that includes the "eternal" ones.

    To God" practiced" homosexuality is an abomination, a sin, but thanks to the sacrifice of Christ Jesus on the cross it is not an unforgivable one.
    Praise be to our father in heaven we don't have to pay the "fair" price for our sins.

  6. yeah..
    I don't want too argue with you, i'm just interested. I find christianity really interesting, but i can't really talk to my friends. It did frustrate me, but i'm not going to start questioning what you think on here cos that's just mean - it's your site not mine. Course, if i sound a like i'm sticking my nose where i shouldn't, let me know.

  7. that is a completely humanistic view. one that says every person has equal rights regardless of what they believe in or what their gender is, and should therefore be free from any bias. a view that says your worth is dependent on whether you are being destructive or constructive to the world around you. it is a view that elevates humans to God-like status. which clearly should not be

    everything in the universe is about God, and not about us humans. if He allows that a new born baby in Africa gets eaten by a cannibal, or that millions of people would get killed by Hitler, or that a gay person goes to hell, then who are we to question Him? (it does not mean though that He does not love this people). has not the potter the right to set aside certain piece of pottery for special purposes, and other pieces for destruction?
  8. platinum:

    when you say 'it is a view that elevates humans to God-like status.' i don't understand how. i'm only a kid, but please explain to me because i'm interested, i'd like to know what you're getting at here

    also cool avatar
  9. because it forces the focus to be on us humans instead of on God. that view makes humans the center of the universe, and makes God our nanny, who caters to our every need as long as we keep Him in our life (or house, whatever)
  10. I Don't wish to argue ether. I just felt that you should know were I stand on th topic of homosexuality. I don't expect you to agree with me. In fact I'm sure if one asks enough "Christians" they will find many who will disagree with me to some extent and more than one who will disagree with me totaly. That doesn't bother me because there are about as many ways of looking at any given subject as there are people looking at it.

    I believe what I wrote ,in fact I believe it so much that is one of the doctines/creeds that I live by. I concern myself with anothers beliefs only if they themslves have concerns and or feel the need to discuss them with me. My life and beliefs are an open book to anyone who sincerely asks. I will gladly discuss what I believe and why I believe it with those who truely want to know. But I cannot explain or justify any belief other than my own.

    As for why your freind cut you off short on discussing this subject I can only speculate. The possibilities are about endless. Bottom line, , , if he or she wasn't comfortable with it ,they weren't the one you needed to be talking to about it.

    I found "Christaity" confusing and at times frustrating until I come to realize a few simple truths.

    1. "Christianity" is not CHRIST.
    2, "Christians" are not CHRIST
    3, faith, belief and practice are very very complex, individual and personal
    4. Being a Christian is a process that is reveiled in ones life and practices more than in their words and academic knowlwdge.
    And since it is a process of growth and no two people come to it exerience it or mature the same way it only makes sense that no two people are at the same level.
    5. Claiming to be a Christian and or going to Church doesn't assure one is a Christian any any more than standing in a forest makes one a tree or wearing a cowboy hat and boots proves one is a cowboy.

    And finaly. . .
    Your never going to undestand Christaity or Christians from the outside looking in. You have to start at the source "Christ"
    Know Christ and then you will understand.


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