Think God Is Really Looking Out For Me :)

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  1. Like I can't tell you how many dreams I had of God,s protection. It may sound silly to some , but some dreams..of course not all, have meaning.

    Here are some:

    * one dream, there was this lady with an abusive boyfriend or w/e
    Who just attacked her and I said , if that was me I'd call on God... then her bf charged at me
    And i called on His name..and a lavender- ish outline stood btwn US, and he stopped in his tracks.

    * another, someone tried to shoot me and the bullets around me ..

    * recently, this one was heavily influenced by a horror movie my dad was watching >.> ,
    Anyways there were slot of girls , we were in some type of school.. then suddenly one girl just killed another and was coming after the rest of us. Then I ran into a room, but we were locked in bc there was a hex/ curse over it.. but I called on Him..and I was able to get out c=

    Also, I'm and to be getting a job soon, so I really feel God is looking out for.
  2. Are you a troll?
  3. That's awesome Pancakes! Dreams can be good signs of your inner state, and it sounds like you are at peace mentally :) I think that is cool that you are getting a job. Is it your first job? Where are you going to work?
  4. This will be my second job.
  5. Nice, what happened with your first job?
  6. You're a go getter. Two jobs. Praise God! That's glorious in this economy. (HUGS)
    I agree that dreams can be a way that God sends messages. It sounds like you're in a good place. May God continue to bless you. :)
  7. The bullet dream was from God
  8. In the last couple days the Lord has been dealing with me about these same kind of things, that deals with obedience.
    We know bad things happen to those who do not obey the Lord, but do these bad things come from God?
    We must be mindful that our Heavenly Father knows all things from the beginning to the end that are going to happen.
    When the Lord tells us to do something we can be sure it is for our benefit and safety. How many times have we been obedient and things went well for us, but we really did not know what troubles were averted by being obedient. I am absolutely sure in my heart that I have avoided great troubles, and even death for me or my family by listening to the Lord and either going or not going somewhere because I felt a hesitation in my spirit. Dreams can also be used by God to warn us about coming harm.
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  9. How so?
  10. [Q="God is Love, post: 354171, member: 13625"]Nice, what happened with your first job?[/QUOTE]

    Popeyes :)

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