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    I was watching a TV show and there was a segment on black-eyed children (BEK). As I had never heard of this I went looking. Since the late 90's, accounts of children age 8 to 13, usually in pairs, approach people wanting people to let them in their car and home. They are pale, dressed indistinguishable or in old, hand-made clothes and inspire dread, fear and panic, out of all reason. Their eyes are solid black - with no whites. 99% of these accounts indicate that no one lets them in but are considered harbingers of misfortune and plain bad things. Anyone heard/have an opinion?

    While looking on Youtube for the black eyed kids (BEK)... I found this (Aliens are Demons). This is an hour video but I would sincerely like to know what you all think.

    And, again, I have never heard any of this but I have some of my own experiences that align with this.
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  2. The scriptures only state that the last days will be unlike any time in history. It's safe to say that devil will be emboldened to do things never reported before. Spiritual events cannot be packaged up in a box of understanding. Beside I find most Christian, having never encountered anything remotely Spiritual, would even acknowledge the remote possibility that these are indeed demons, just as your signature states :)

    I have heard of them. I have not studied them, nor do I have the means, except what the Holy Spirit tells me. So if those that report it are indeed telling the truth, then they are demonic. I hope this helps :)
  3. As for black eyed children - no experience there. Many are calling it "urban myth". The first I heard of it was Friday night. I went looking for books first but the 3 I read/downloaded were either total fiction, and/or little information. The most touted book by Weatherly/Bekin(?) is not on e-format. I went to Youtube and looked for interviews/programs on it. Weatherly states he has one case in the 1950's but otherwise - does not show any real historical context except to say that the "black eye" was considered the least noteworthy by people encountering the phenomena earlier. But black eyed demons has long been in folk tales. In the show Supernatural, the demons are all wearing black contacts (except the yellow eyed one). I'm assuming they did homework for making this choice. The show has been running for 9 years and I confess, I am a fan. Back to BEK - the majority of people seem to think these are aliens and or demons.
  4. You know how I feel about "aliens" :) They are just the demons trying stir up chaos. Pay attention because I believe that the great deception will be "aliens". In fact society is so saturated with them in movies/books/shows that more poeple believe in aliens than in God. Those that believe in God, so they say, have stated that they believe the "god" myth was just a powerful alien. Furthermore, since the leading evolutionist has openly admitted that we MUST have a Designer to exists says now that it was aliens. When they cannot deny God they invent some "smarter" race that has no proof of existence, but because our imaginations are so saturated with them, then they must be real, they believe. As Christians we must see them for what they are - demons. In fact the book of Revelation says we'll be invaded by aliens! Yes! Rev 12:12 identifies them.
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  5. I did not know anyone else knew about aliens as demons/evil, so I was surprised when you said it on another thread. I was "attacked" by demons disguised as "aliens" and the Lord God pulled me out - saying they are of the failed. I was surprised again, when I saw the program I posted. So I want to know people's thoughts on this.
  6. The Lord will always deliver His :)
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  7. I am curious as all get out, Abdicate - so don't feel compelled to answer - How did you come to feel that "aliens" are demons?
  8. Agree. I've always believed this as well...
  9. Therefore, rejoice, O heavens! And you who live in the heavens, rejoice! But terror will come on the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you in great anger, knowing that he has little time.” (Revelation 12:12 NLT)

    This doesn't prove anything though I don't think. It's a little too vague.
  10. Homosexuality. Most people do not know WHY it's wrong, they just jump out and have an opinion. Scripturally it's because it causes confusion. Read all of Leviticus 18. It's against the natural order God set in place. The devil's main job is to get us to not trust God or believe Him. So he creates chaos and confusion, either in the physical or in one's mind. What better way to thwart any natural order on earth than to create doubt about our place in the universe. Therefore my understanding is that, just like the shadows in the corners of our eyes, aliens are the demonic manifestations to cause chaos. I believe the strong delusion promised to come will involve these "aliens".

    I hope this helps.
  11. Well, that answer was unexpected. I see your point but I would have to think more on it regarding homosexuality. I do think that "aliens" are a perfect set up for evil, tho. It is crazy, and I hope it's not true but I think Christians should be aware. Media is more and more, expounding on that aliens came down from the stars and screwed with our DNA and created us. It's alarming how seductive that whole line of thinking is.
  12. Could it be that God calls homosexuality an "abomination" because it destroys the family unit?

    God married ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. He told them within the bounds of matrimony to reproduce and multiply.
    Homosexuality completly destroys that direction from God because there is NO repropduction possible.

    We now know that homosexual activeity causes all kinds of sexual transmitted dieases. Could also then be that God's total rejection of this sin was His way of protecting His children?

    Leviticus 18:22
    "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, it is abomination".

    Lev. 20:13
    "If a man also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and they shall surely be put to death, their blood shall be upon them".

    Now as for "alians". NOPE. I can not accept your thesis my friend. I just do not know of any Scripture that can be used as a basis for your opinion on that. Do you have any Scripture to share with us?????
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    Last edited: Feb 25, 2014 it possible that the activity we see about alians is all manufactured by the producers of TV and movies and books who sell more product when the idea is brought up? I am just asking????

    The more activity, talk and suggestions that go on all over the world about alians simply plays into their hands and the result is a packed movie house or a book on the top 10 best sellers list??

    Think for moment about ghosts. We all have seen them, right?(NO, I have never seen one and do not believe I ever will) 100's of movies, TV shows on every night about what was seen and where and so and on and on.

    But the truth is, when we die, our bodies go into the ground, and our spirit goes either to torments or to heaven. Isn't that the Biblical explination? Then if we say that there are ghosts everywhere, are we not not then rejecting what the Bible teaches.

    Would not that same logic apply to "alians".

    I do not mean to discredit anyone at all, I am just asking that a little common sense be applied to this. We see people here say.....It has to be in the Bible or it is not valid!!!!

    Then the same person will turn around and say that there are alians everywhere and they are going to bring down the world and so on. Where then is that in the Scriptures to validate the suggestion.

    Would we not all agree that is the Scriptures are to be the guide line for us......they would apply to alians as well as other things we bring up?

    Sometimes, it seems to me that we allow our imagination to overpower our common sense and our Biblical knowledge. Movies make things look so real that it is very hard to know what is real and what is make believe.
  14. It's spelt: aliens and they're going to invade the earth but their real name is "fallen angels" and they're are pushed out of heaven, Revelation 12, unless you're a preterist.
  15. Major - please to the 10th power - watch the 2 videos - they have plenty of scripture (some of which I know you disagree with...their interpetation). Heck - I want you and others to be right (I think both video people agree with you on Rapture) but what they are saying makes a horrifying kind of sense. And I think Christians should be warned: IF "aliens" show up on earth - DON'T take any dna upgrades - they are evil incarnate. If they don't show up, we can laugh at the "absurdity".
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  16. The Black Eyed Children are demons. If you study demonlogy you will learn that though demons can manifest a physical body, it always has some inconsistency or defect (God making things obvious for us). That and the fact that they inspire dread (for no apparent reason).
    Aliens do not exist (not in any practical sense anyway), and therefore any apparently "alien" presence must be a charade of some type. Who would stand to gain by faking the existance of aliens?
  17. Only the devil would gain :D
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  18. I want to hear people refute/debate about this. (nothing nasty, naturally). I don't want to believe this either but in what I know of the world, this would be a terrible but workable thing. I'm praying harder for a Rapture!
  19. I find that when trying to analyze obscure or weird occurances that using inverse logic can help greatly.
    In a nutshell (to quote Spock the Vulcan) "when you remove the impossible, all that is left must be true".
    So, what are Black Eyed Children?
    They are not any part of any known race or culture.
    They do not have a natural human appearance, i.e. jet black eyes, odd clothing.
    They generate an aura that produces unease (to terror) is those that observe them.
    They behave in an inexplicable and threatening manner.

    So, we have an idea of what they are not. They are not "human".
    What other malevolent sentient creatures that are capable of taking humanoid form exist?
    The list is real short --> demons.
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