They're Making A Movie!!!

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  1. They're Making A Movie!!!

    Tim Robbins (shrugs - is he the Shawshank guy?) is making a movie here on our reservation in Oregon. The movie is called Heritic.

    Two locations are going to be used.

    The movie is about Christ Jesus, what would happen if he was walking the earth in our days. In our tribal newspaper, they say they're looking for extras...oh goodie!

    Well...actually, I think I'd need to learn a little more about the story before saying goodie. :eek:

    This stuff is right up my alley!
  2. Perhaps we will see you on the big screen, then we can tell everyone that we knew you when you were not a hollywood star.
  3. Very cool, I think. I remember a movie made about 20 years ago that was kinda the same thing, called "The Judas Project". It was neat, except they called Jesus "Jesse" for the movie. I understood why, but it was so very strange to hear a song during the dramatic scenes with the disciples called "Jesse, I love you".
  4. One of the guys working in our Natural Resources Department was in a movie. He was an extra. Instant resevation celebrity, let me tell you.

    Today? He winces when anybody brings it up. He says he couldn't handle all of the attention - he's naturally to himself anyway (like most Indian guys I know - we hate cameras :().

    Still...I'd like to try out as an extra if I knew the movie was Good. The title has me a little suspicious, though. I'm doing research on it now.

  5. The Judas Project. I bought it on DVD and I still can't watch it all the way through...I just lose interest. Tribulation and the Left Behind those!;)
  6. XD, I remembered the name after posting, but you must have beat me to it.

    Seriously though, wasn't a "Great" movie, but I really did like the ending. That was cool.
  7. I always wind up doing origami or chainmailing by the time they reach the barn. Maybe I'll watch it through to the end over the weekend.

    It's just exciting that crews will start coming to the rez soon! This happened a while back with From Oregon With Love (either Chinese or Japanese), and Three Warriors (one of Christopher Lloyd's and Randy Quaid's first movies). The crew for Tim Robbins' movie has reserved 300 rooms at our vacation resort.

    If anything, it'll be fun just to watch.:)
  8. Can I come visit? I have family in Prineville that would be happy to see me....I could stay there...we could both "try out"...I'd do could act...maybe? thought though!
  9. Found this on it...


    OH-OH: Casting is underway for Tim Robbins' "The Heretic," which is being described as a multilayered ensemble movie that explores faith and spirituality. Among the roles being filled are eight disciples who, per sources familiar with the script, "break Jesus out of a mental ward." They're going for tough-looking males and females of any race that have a criminal feel about them, with "great, lean faces."

    And this..

    Jay-Zus, 28-35, African-American, “charismatic, charming, a good natured guy, but when circumstances change so does his persona”. Jesus: 28-38, Latin or Middle Eastern, “a patient in a mental hospital who believes he is Jesus; he leads and breaks out with his ‘disciples’ and takes to preaching on the road”. Eight Disciples, 45-55, Male & Female, Indian, African-American, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, “have some sort of ‘criminal like’ feel to them … they break Jesus out of the mental ward”.
  10. That doesn't sound good...too bad.
  11. Bummer.

    That sounds dangerous.:(

    But you can still come visit, Kitsap. We'll have a BBQ.:)
  12. Love BBQ...Do you smoke your meat, or just smother it? I make a mean slaw.
  13. I simmer it in a pot half the day, then slather it up with BBQ sauce (make it myself) and sizzle it on the grill.:D Now I'm getting hungry!:) I like to grill corn on the cob, make a mean potato salad, and get messy with watermelon after we eat! Wheeeeeee!

    Yeah - I did some more research on this movie. The guy thinks that he's Jesus and he's in a mental institution. An Eastern Indian, a black man, and a Native American are his disciples; and they try to bust him out of the loonie bin.

    This doesn't sound like something that interests me after all. I may have to write a letter to the paper expressing my feelings on how I feel about participating in something like this.:(

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