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They lived as they had nothing to lose . and Christ was gain . They were disciples .

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Michael Collum, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. They lived as they had nothing to lose . and Christ was gain . They were disciples .

    I was thinking of a study . but not sure what . and in my mind came "Luke 14" and i didn't really know what it was when the passage came to mind . but here is what came of the study . feel free to jump in with what your eyes see and what your ears hear from God's breeze .

    From the sabbath example i see that Mercy is always good regardless of the time of the week . or mercy is always in season .

    From the wedding seats example i see that the logic of the kingdom is to pick the lowest spot first . or you'll feel like a total donkey .

    And from the throw-a-banquet example i see that the logic of the kingdom is to do things that do not benefit you at all but benefit others . Though it is a thankless duty, God sees these things and your trust in Him and the world to come that He offers instead of circumstances and what benefits you directly now .

    What do your eyes see? and what do your ears hear?

    What i learn from this parable is . God may seem to excuse your excuses . but when you make an excuse and the result is not serving Him . God finds someone else to fill your seat . and God is no respecter of persons . if you who have something to lose don't follow him . what makes you think God will not commission someone who has nothing to lose? Take every opportunity to love someone as Jesus loved you . people are in your life for a reason .

    But what do your eyes see? and what do your ears hear?

    This is one of the harder sayings . and quite often i flip to the Matthew alternative in the first part . and expound from mark what the saltiness means to make it sound nicer . but the passage has been assigned to me . so here goes .

    So a whole bunch of people were following Jesus and then he says something like .. SAY WHAT? and i reason to hate all these people and even your own life is to put these people last before God . and to put your own life .. last also .

    The carrying of the cross and the relational statements seems to be explained by the parable after it . So what is meant by carrying the cross and the hate directives is to give up everything you have in every way .

    so, it would mean .. hmm am i a disciple? am i covetous of everything? of anything? is my method of ministering online an idol at the same time? but learning from this lesson i will ask myself these questions . but will let the Lord stir up similar questions in your heart . but i will leave these questions for self reflection, to ask Jesus, am i your disciple? and to ask yourself, Do i want to be Jesus' disciple?

    So those who act as though they have nothing to lose for Jesus . not in a carnal way . but in the way he teaches us to be . are the salt of the earth . the other half of the salt is that the salt is the peace we keep with one another . blessed are the peacemakers, the children of God .

    Do your ears hear and do your eyes see what God is saying here? what do you see? and what do you hear? and how do your feet and hands and heart respond?

    May the Love that God is . captivate your hearts . and make you new again and again . each and every day . and may God help us all as we trust Him to live through us . in Jesus name i pray this . Amen .

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