they hate Jesus

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  1. they hate Jesus

    the reason is this they are proven to being corrupt.they hate the fact that they are worthless.and go out of there way to rebuke Jesus as a liar .etc,etc,etc.guess what the people who are well off in this life have there gain for many reasons,but they know all are judged,and they can,t stomach this and try to turn real men and women with there deception.:eek:
  2. 1 they try to rebuke Jesus like the jews,or 2 they try to mould Jesus to suit themselves.both ways are just vanity.
  3. vanity :)!
    reminds me of Solomon's movie xD :D

    you are right brother

    I'd love to ask someone why they hate Jesus, and see their response. that will be interesting :)
  4. A lot of people would probably say they don't hate Him; they just don't believe in Him, or they think He was just a "good man" or a "good teacher", or various other phrases people use. However, they speak of Him in the past tense "was" not "is".
  5. I wonder if thats because the law of time is under or much less than the law of love? They do not realize that Jesus is not subject to time.

    Its a thing that we have to learn too. grin
  6. who are they?
  7. those who hate Jesus techie
  8. I was trying to find out if it was a particular they or general...I take the post to mean in general.
  9. Only that day will truly bring all things to light why not be courages enough to address they you are talking about id love to hear.
  10. My only defence is His grace His word.The weapons of our warefare are not carnal funny that why are so many believers fifghting in the flesh i could post some very intersing and eye opening vids on hear but i wont let God be true.My times are in His hands.
  11. I love Yeshua of nazaret with all my heart and id gladly stand alone for the truth of His word no comprimise.

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