There is no verifiable evidence for the existence of God

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  1. Atheists love to say that, and that's how they will accept the antichrist. The antichrist will do some witchcraft magic, and the atheists will suddenly believe in God. I'm pretty sure that it's said in the Bible that the antichrist will deceive the world through miracles, so called, of course. The atheists will see their "evidence" of God (or, at least, just the supernatural), and accept the antichrist and believe that he is God.
  2. Do you believe that there is no evidence?
  3. Juk you're going very negative about everything, Pro 23:7. I warned you months ago this would happen, and you've ignored my advice. This path leads to destruction and you will abandon God for your misunderstandings about Him and His work. Beware.
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  4. He said atheists say that :-\

    As for me OP, when I see people, the reflect Gods craftsmanship.. That and nature... That's all the proof I need.

    I remember watching a YouTube video of Todd Friel witnessing at a college. And Dee into the discussion, one student ,breifly explained his belief as an atheist.
    " Because nothingness is uncertain /spontaneous/ brought abt what we see today"
    I'm paraphrasing..but basically. Something came from nothing.

    And like Todd friel said, which I agree with, "no ,nothing creates nothing"
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  5. What are you guys going on about ???

    You need to reread his post, he's talking about atheists,not himself.

    Why can't you guys see that. :-\
  6. It's not about this post only.
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  7. I feel Juk, needs a slightly more seasoned Christian to study with and help him divide and understand the word, so he won't be wandering and wondering. (on to these videos)When were newly saved that's when the devil likes to twist things and take advantage of us BC we don't know how to fight spiritually.
  8. Hence my warnings.
  9. Yah, but he needs more since he's vulnerable..being both young and a new Christian. One thing I can say about my former pastor is that she taught me right. It wasn't watered down or was what it was.

    Jul needs someone like that, like an older mentor.
  10. Yes lol. There will be no more debates on ''God's existence''.

    However...everyone believes in God right now. Its just that unrepentant sinners have to remove Him from their thoughts in order to sleep at night. Entertaining atheism helps with that.

    The anti Christ will fulfill the prophecies as far as miracles go.
  11. Always funny to hear them say that with an amazingly developed mouth ..whilst using an amazing mind...whilst breathing in air through an amazing nose...this simple air amazingly keeping us alive.
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  13. Exactly. (y)
  14. No. Even though this has happened few times, God has spoken to me. Not recently though. And there is an overwhelming amount of evidence proving God's existence. Just look outside. Nothing cannot create anything.
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  15. It's not that I ignored your advice, I just forget certain things very easily.
  16. I think I saw that one too.
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  17. That sounds pretty good, but I have a hard time talking to people, especially when talking about God, unless I am telling them something about God.
  18. I mean like maybe having someone like a church member to discuss the Bible with so you can gain more insight.
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  19. I was hearing to a sermon by Ravi Zacharias.. It was awesome.. He titled it "The angelic demon". It was about Balaam.. He made one interesting comment.. He is worried or rather frustrated a little about people who totally reject existence of God.. But he is more frustrated with people who call themselves as Christian and act like God does not exist! I know this is totally irrelevant to the post you make.. It is still relevant in some ways.. While we can engage in debates with atheists about existence of God, what Bible really calls us to do is to live a life that will actually show that God exists.. It is not just saying there is God. But living a life that will actually show that God exists..
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  20. Juk needs to learn some discipline - especially unto himself. He cries out for all these things but in the end he busies himself trying to show the world everything that is wrong and that all these people are false and so forth. Then wonders why God does not move more in his life.

    The one thing he does not need is to be mothered and smothered - he needs to hear it straight with no sugar coating.
    Dont take this wrongly - we all LOVE Juk and cherish his friendship - there comes a time when a boy has to step it up a notch and this is Juks time. Dont forget you have not been around in some time and have no idea what all has been said with Juk.
    God Bless

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