there is healing at the Cross

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  1. there is healing at the Cross

    If you're like me, and you have done many things wrong, and your own sins come back at you and you feel condemned and just wrong, go back to the Cross. It's a place where God simply loves you. It's where Jesus is, and without accusations He will just take your sin and carry it out of the world.

    You know we have an enemy, the devil, and he accuses you of everything you ever did wrong. And you have no deeds to cancel out these wrongs. But there is something that does cancel it out - the cross. The death of God's only Son, for sinners, is thrown into the devil's yard like a knight's gauntlet. Yes, God loves you. Yes, He is gonna do something about your fate that was so closely tied to your sins.

    This is the Cross, and God hinged the whole universe on it. Everyone who comes here, goes free. Jesus will pick him up. The Father will love him. The Holy Spirit will come.

    Accept this Jesus whom you meet here. He loves you very much, and He desires to gather you into His barn. He will accept you. He will change you. The Cross is not a symbol of defeat - it is a victory. A victory of love.
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  3. All Glory to God, the purpose of the cross is New Creature!

  4. Amen ' Willing " ..... The song comes to mind ." There's room at the cross "
    Yes we have all stumbled as we are not perfect but we know where we can to get complete deliverance and acceptance and love .

    We will always be reminded by satan of our past but we can tell him of his future .... Amen

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