"The World's Dumbest Criminals" tru tv

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by NearertoGod, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. "The World's Dumbest Criminals" tru tv

    Ha ha, it's going to be on Weds.

    Should be interesting to see "stupid criminal in action":p
  2. If it wasn't so sad it would be funny. I have seen that show a half a dozen times and there are some real rocket scientists out there.
  3. Yeah, what's funny about it is it some of them can be really silly. Like, they try and be smart, but then just end up helping the police catch them. :eek: But no kidding, I've seen some real smart criminals, especially in murders. Thank goodness for all our technology.
  4. Actually, I've seen shows about dumb criminals (what other kind is there?) and thought they were hilarious. The stupidity of criminals is unbelievable, and I can't help but laugh at their antics.

    I read one time about a man who broke into a home. Shortly after he got home he heard a knock on his door and opened it to find the police standing there. They had simply followed his footprints in the snow. :eek:

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