the world using the church

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  1. the world using the church

    religion and war,double standars governments using a pure thing for evil.most religions are about who makes the wars as a religious thing.....evil yep in all religions.working aggainst good.take a wider look at governments and there reasons.they get used and use each other to control us.freedom goes out the window.bad news gets people afraid and then there freedom goes for a few.stop getting scared,be afraid of God only not the wolves in sheeps clothing.
  2. like bush ,its a holy war .but no bibles in schools.mmmm...that sound better.
  3. I'm with smellycat on this one (I think:confused:). I think what he's saying is that politicians will frequently use religion, whether directly or indirectly, as justification for wars. To go even one step further, I despise when religious figures, of ANY religion including Christianity, use their faith in manipulative ways.

    This is a bit of a bold statement, but as a conservative and a Christian, I feel completely duped by the current American administration and their pandering to conservative Christians in the US. Regardless of any stance on a particular issue, their actions are dispicable, but come election time, they'll use their "Christian" credentials to solidify votes. Personally, I would take my vote back if I could...we'll just see how the next election cycle turns out, I guess.

    I have a much better view of candidates that are true believers and walk the talk, but they are few and far between. Typically, these folks don't advertise their faith, but demonstrate it in their actions. We should all be very careful on ANY politician, but particularly those who ask for our votes simply based on their faith.
  4. smellycat, in some way I think you're right but not totally,
    of course people use religion to make war, but do not point all of the guilt on the people, many wars did come really from a religion.

    A jihad is a war that did come from a religion, and not people who used it.
    and so can we call other wars, like the crusaders, and witchcraft, and all the wars in the bible.

    Religion is a cause of war, and people sometimes use religion, I think you're right, but do not forget religion is also a cause.
  5. the way i see it the enemy throws as much dirt at good as it can.were there is a hint of selfishness you will find bad there,money ,influence etc.
  6. Christ saves - all other religions kill- either by bombs or by deception into eternal damnation-
    As far as our president- He is a good man- I haven't forgotten the two attacks on the WTC- if someone had done something the first time perhaps those 3000 plus wouldn't have had to be murdered- our enemies know Americans have no backbone for much more than a skirmish- these are people who openly call for the total annihalation of all christians and jews- especially the US and Israel- Hitler could have been stopped easily in the beggining but nobody had the guts-

    The things that will destroy America are peace at any price, prosperity at any cost, safety first instead of duty first, the love of soft living, and the getting-rich-quick theory of life. – Theodore Roosevelt
  7. a lot of old weapons have been sold to these people,somtimes we christian countries fuel the fire we recieve.
  8. Yep - some of these people were at one times allies against Soviet agression- I think it was then considered the lesser of two evils choice but who would have thought?
  9. Satan will use religion and a little truth to deceive people into believing a lie.

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