The Witness

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  1. The Witness

    Something i wrote two days after we had a sermon on witnessing in my church. I first wrote it on my cell phone's memo pad then typed it when i got home that night. I hope you enjoy it.


    I carry the manifest destiny in my soul
    The world is my grounds and the light is my world
    I walk by grace but grace I bring not
    I hunt with the sword that’s but words yet cuts down the weak, wretched and wrong
    The power divine though not mine will shine time and time again
    Through rain, sleet, hail, hurricane, tornado winds
    Though sin prevails and judged by all
    None as great as The One who breaks the fall
    So hear and believe as I testify
    He hears the painful angry cries, the fights and the white lies
    The love, the prayer, the victorious praise of those who raise the joy of his being
    Listen, listen for the question I ask
    Easy, plain, unmasked
    Through eternity’s joy and sorrow do you know where you will dwell?
    If you were to die today would you be certain of entrance to Heaven or would you plummet to Hell?
    Jesus Christ can tell but do you know him as I know him
    The Messiah, King of Kings, forever friends
    I tell you this, Heaven is where I will reside after my life
    So I ask again, will you live with Jesus Christ?
  2. Yes, I will live with Christ when my time comes. That was beautiful.

  3. Thankyou for that. I found it lovely

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