The Winds Of The Holy Spirit - My Testimony

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  1. Hey all, I figured since I have been here for a bit I would share my testimony. :)

    As I have mentioned before, I come from a Christian home and a Christian school. However, as a kid, I admit I was skeptical about Christianity. I had many of the standard questions that atheists have (how can there be evil in the world? what about the age of the earth? and so on). I still prayed and went to church, but I was skeptical. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, but I didn't really feel anything. It wasn't until age 16 that my faith really grew.

    I had a huge science test worth 20% of the grade for the quarter. Basically I needed to score a 90 or better so I could maintain a B average in the class, or I wouldn't be able to stay on the soccer team that I so loved for the following quarter. I procrastinated and didn't get much studying in. Come test day, I was a nervous wreck. It was at that point that I prayed to Jesus, out of desperation, to guide me through the test. Something amazing happened! I was overwhelmed with this incredible calming feeling of warmth and confidence. I think this was the Holy Spirit! I looked at the test paper and suddenly all the answers came into my head, like I was learning them right then and there! The result? I scored a 95, kept my average up, and stayed on the soccer team. :D

    Then something even more drastic happened. Two years later, my little brother got into a car accident when he took his new car for a joyride. It was really bad - he broke several bones, dislocated shoulder, major concussion, lacerations, etc. He wound up in a coma for 3 days. I visited him in the hospital, praying for his health almost round the clock. Finally, recalling my text experience from 2 years prior, I said one very powerful prayer for God to wake my brother out of the coma. It was then that I felt the same calming warmth that I had felt during that test! I knew then that God was looking out for us. About 15 minutes later, my brother woke up! He made a full recovery from his injuries, and I am thrilled to say that he is healthy today! Praise God!

    I am amazed at how the Lord used these trying experiences to reveal himself to me and strengthen my faith. After those experiences, I no longer have any doubt about who my Lord and Savior is. He truly is amazing, and nothing beats His plan! :D
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  2. That is funny about what you say with the test. When I was in Junior High I never studied. I had an algebra test that I took and God gave me all the answers so I didn't have any working out of the problems. The teacher when she saw that I didn't work out the problems sent me to the principle for cheating. However when they tested me in front of them and I did the same thing then I wasn't in trouble anymore.

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