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  2. Amen!
    It amazes me how believers pick and choose what they will or will not do or act on. I mean sure God's written word is a book full of choices but there are but two choices to choose from......disobedience or obedience not is this OK by me or God did not expect me to love or forgive them and so forth.

    Awesome reminder
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  3. So true, my brother!
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    Then why do most "christians" argue and wrestle with Mark 16:15-18 and with Acts 2:2-4 and with Acts 2:38-39 and with Acts 10 and with Acts 19:1-7 and with 1Corinthians 14:26-30 and with Jude 1:20
    Why do the so-called Evangelical churches (derived, I believe from the much earlier Pentecostal/Apostolic movement) preach another gospel - give your heart to Jesus, call on the name of Jesus, say a sinners' prayer???
    That is not the New Testament gospel of salvation that I can read for my self.
  5. Hey brother could you make this a tad more clear for me ? I mean what is this other gospel that you are referring to ?

    If we be real truthful with our selves we have to admit that the brethren create ways to dispute God's written word. Know what I mean ? :)
    Blessings my friend
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  6. I think we all struggle with seeking to incorporate the fullness of Biblical truth into our lives. My post was not meant to delve into specific struggles that people have, but merely to call each Christian up further, so that each one might consider where he/she is perhaps ignoring certain parts of the scriptures.
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  7. Most people, especially stillborn Christians, think of Jesus and the whole word of God as an historic event; like George Washington. They believe Jesus and George existed, but in reality, they don't personally know either. And with this mindset, they live accordingly - how they see it, to do what's right in their own eyes.
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  8. This post and quote is addressed to "you" for a reason. It is meant to be a challenge to each reader who reads it. It is not meant as an excuse or opportunity to rail against or ridicule others. We should all deal with the log in our own eyes first.
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