The Value of Being Right

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  1. I Have come to this place in my walk with the Lord where things I thought to be important have no value at all. The Lord has spent years teaching me it is about Him and not about me. I have spent so much time trying to prove I am right or someone else is wrong. In doing so I lost sight of what is really important and that is God and His will. He showed me my efforts spent to show/prove was all about me it was not to present God as I understood Him to another of the saints, to edify the body or glorify God. The whole time I had become self serving and I pray for forgiveness for the babes in Christ that I muddied the water before them as I did my self righteous dance.
    With this in mind the title should be THE COST OF BEING RIGHT.
    Luke 9:25

    I argued with a fence post
    an attempt to make it see
    I knew I was right but it kept
    arguing back at me
    The arguing continued
    it never seemed to end
    Though I press my point
    the fence post wouldn’t bend
    A Proverb came into my head
    something about a fool
    By now I was in too deep
    my flesh it had to rule
    So it continued back and forth
    I had to make it see
    The glass before us
    is not half full

    it is half empty
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  2. I'm right there with you brother! Such a waste of time eh?
  3. Yes Sir
    It is my nature to joust and bang heads........ but that is my nature the Adamic nature. The Spirit within chooses to respond instead of reacting as my flesh does. Right or wrong is a worldly standard a Christian standard is Jesus.
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  4. I am also with you on that.
    There is only one 'I AM' no other 'I's in heaven.
    Interesting about Satan's downfall - 'that he...', so is it fair to say that in our fallen condition we are sprayed with his poison.
    It just lines up so nicely, has been said that a gift is not to take something and do this or that with but instead to get ourselves out of the way so God can do His will through us.
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  5. I think pride is part of our flesh nature.. I don't remember who quoted.. But some wise preacher! He said "scratch the surface of every sin and you will find pride". Realization of this half the battle.. Overcoming is the next half..
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    Brother we are in agreement...........pride/self was lucifer s fall and it was the same mess he fed to eve(wouldn't you be like Him?)
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  7. It is so easy to do be guilty of this on the internet. We don't think we come across as insensitive / know it all's when we read our awesome posts :notworthy:.
  8. It's hard to grasp emotion in text - Praise God for emoticons!!! :D
  9. Brother we all do it......its kinda funny. my mother would tell me years ago I was my own worst enemy........I don't think she had a clue of how real that statement would be in my life.
    I read in an AW Tozer (Pursuit of man) book years ago that seemingly there are many sins, but that is just seemingly they are all just branches connected to one evil root and that root is self. The only cure is the cross
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  10. Now that we are his, and have been bought with price, we do not belong to our self's anymore. We have been marked as belonging to the Lord by his Holy Spirit. The Lord puts his mark on every thing that belongs to him. His life is now our life, his words are now our words, his thoughts have become our thoughts, his mind is now our mind. He has given to us his Glory so that we are now one with him, and with each other. Having these things and believing them causes their reality to come forth in our lives. Speaking the truth to others as it comes forth from Christ in us is not always a fun job to do. Having the truth (right) does not always make people to jump and down for joy when you speak it. Sometimes they will look at you like, "who do you think you are, who died, and left you king?" Well, Jesus did! I think you had it right when you said, it is more of what is the "cost" of being right? Jesus suffered in his humanity by being right in his words and actions, and all those who follow in his foot steps will suffer the same.
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  11. Brother are you saying you have arrived?
    The cost of being right is those that are caught up in the wake of the jousting, those that are honestly looking for understanding, the babes in their walk seeking, instead they are witnessing the flesh of Christians trying to prove something.
    Right and wrong is a worldly standard as Christians our standard is Jesus.
    I am just as guilty as anyone else.
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    Are we to stay babies in Christ? Are we not to grow up into a mature Christian, or are we all domed to stay in diapers? There comes a time through the years we graduate from one degree to another. If all we have in this life is to someday to have the things already given to us by God then we will the most miserable people on planet earth!
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  13. Brother I never said anything about remaining as babes, did you read the post?....... your response is the exact thing the post was addressing. It is not about you. Do you think the babes in there walk grow from those who posture themselves as mature arguing back and forth. It would behoove you to read the post and look at what it is saying .......... the poem might even shed some light.... The idea was to focus on what is important
    You made it about you.
  14. You are looking at things from a "fleshly" role, I do not. It has never been about me or you, it is all about the Word of God that becomes mature in a believers life. Those who have the "Word" will always be at odds with those who do not. The arguments you are referring to is about the spirit of truth coming against fleshly ideas. We are not wrestling against flesh and blood (Christian against Christian), but principalities and powers and wicked spirits in the heavenly realm that would try to usurp the authority of the Word of God!
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  15. No brother I am a fence post you are right
  16. In God's eyes we are His Son. In our earthly lives, we fight with our flesh, the last vestige of sin in us. We are to be like Christ, but so many (like me) don't always act like Christ, but only the accuser accuses. Some are content to be ankle deep in the Lord's river of life. Others, knee deep, and others up to their necks. I hope to allow to river of life to swallow me up, here and now. Faith, it is impossible to please Him without it. When we love God more than this world and the things in it, we become rivers of living water to the world!
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  17. It seems as if the Crux of this post materialized and self could not resist its opportunity to prove its self.

    Once again I fell
    Amongst the jousting
    The world wind of opinion
    Seems to never end
    Whether you are right or wrong
    Doesn’t matter to the Lord
    His desire for His children
    Is to be of one accord
    Exploring the mysteries
    Of the One
    The one who loved us first
    Will feed the ones He's calling
    And satisfy their thirst
    Should we choose to stand
    On all the things we know
    We lost sight
    Of Jesus
    The One who loves us so

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