The Twelve Apostles And Meaning Of Names In Aramaic

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  1. Jesus spoke Aramaic (Hebrew) His name was Yeshua. Aramaic can be found even in Genesis. Y'shua was known as the king of the Yehudi (Jews). The name Apostle in Aramaic(Seliah) means to be sent.

    The twleve Apostles and their name meanings.
    Simon Peter--Aramaic--Simon (Shim'on)--means God has heard--Peter (Cephas/Kephas) means rock
    Andrew--A GREEK name--means Adam, man, manly--He's Peter's brother
    John--Aramaic/Hebrew--(Yochanan)--means God is gracious
    James/Jacob--Aramaic--(Ya'aqov)--means to follow, heel
    Thomas--Aramaic--(Tau'ma)--means twin
    Matthew--Aramaic--(Mattityahu)--means gift of God
    Simon the Cananaean--Aramaic--means the zealot or jealous one
    Philip--A GREEK name--means lover/friend of horses
    Bartholomew--Aramaic--means son of farmer/furrow/hill (He was also known as Nathanael)
    Judas Iscariot--Aramaic--(Yehuda)--means praised one
    James the younger--Aramaic--(Ya'aqov) means to follow, heel
    Matthias(chosen after Judas)--Aramaic--(Matityahu)variant of Matthew--means gift of God
    Thaddaeus--Aramaic--means heart--brother of James

    If you're curious the name of Mark is Latin (Marcus) and means sea green or hammer---The name of Luke is Greek (Loukas) and means from Luciania (Italy)Timothy is a Greek name tha means honouring God. Titus is Latin and means to honor or defender.
    Yeshua Bless You

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