the truth always comes out.

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by smellycat, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. the truth always comes out.

    Jesus is the truth and out we go.we die to go to truth.and we have faith to go.our works are from jesus words be good.:)
  2. Too true.
    And so very well said.
  3. Yes, we all have to try to be good, SC!
    Our works ARE from Jesus' words,
    you're right!
    I like how you said Jesus is the Truth and we die and go to the Truth!

    Bless your heart, Smellycat!

  4. Same here :) Amen!
  5. Yes, Amen-Amen!:D
  6. Methinks you are either missing the point, or reading too much into what was posted. SC has a different way with words than most. You are not talking about the same thing.
  7. Hmm? I don't see where "world" was mentioned at all. If you meant "word" then no.
  8. the Truth brings us out.we are not of this world.we don,t belong here.
  9. That is the understatement of the year. LOL
  10. we die to our old selves,so we do die.and our human body does die also .but our spirit does not.we know this because God is a God to the living not the dead.and also we are given new bodies.:)

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