The truth about presumptuous sinning

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  1. The truth about presumptuous sinning

    Number 15:29) But the soul that doeth ought presumptuously, weather he be born in the land, or a stranger , the same reproaceth the Lord; and that soul shall be cut off from among his people

    Does presumptuous mean it can be controlled, but is chosen not to? When presumptuous sin is committed, rebellion is chosen. “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation”, but by no means submit to it. This world is full of temptation and holds the snares of sin. What good or value can a person develop while they are willfully serving sin. As it is written “Being made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness”. Being free from sin means that we should not submit to it. What are we saying when we chose to sin? What form of righteousness is in that? None! In today’s world people are kidding themselves, preferring to live in patronization, rather then the truth of God. How can a child of God be a purposeful transgressor of the Law, because the law is for and designed for those people who are in the current action of transgression, willful, meaning that when you transgress or commit an offense of the law of God on purpose, you have willingly chosen to be under the law and not under grace. For how can one under grace be sinning against God, knowing that it is against the same law that grace keeps the person from violating? Wake up my people, “He that commith sin is of the devil”, while we may not be perfect, the truth is that that is no excuse for us to live our lives purposely sinning.

    God has standards for us to live in and we need to abide in them. “his commandments are not grievous” meaning that it should come not as an unnatural lifestyle to live without presumptuous sin. Though we may slip at times, sin should not by any means be first nature to us, but rather the way of the Spirit. “the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh“ , so by leaning to God we can “walk in the Spirit” and not abide in the ways of the flesh which are corruption and sinfulness. Avoiding sin is not something that should be taken lightly, and many have erred into thinking so. As long as I have faith and believe in God, everything is going to be ok. Wrong! Why, because faith causes action. To love God with all your heart means to flee from the things causing offense, sin, and transgression. It is a truth many in today’s society have shut their ears to, but it’s the truth. God is righteous, and by no means would he want us to live in the sin that the Lord our savior died for. “he was wounded for our transgressions” and was made sin for us, not so we can live furthermore in sin, but to be set free from and escape from it, henceforth not being servants of sin, but servants of righteousness. We can not serve both righteousness and sin because when you serve one, you are set free from the other.

    My people, we have been called to holiness, to walk and to live in the ways of holiness, but not to live in the sin that Christ sacrificed his life for. Freeing us was the purpose, not to be stuck dead in the same bondage of sin that we were dead in before repentance. We need to break away from the ways of the old corruption and reach for new holiness. Pray, read, study the word of God because it is written for our health and for our sake. When we sin, we only are sinning to our own hurt, rebelling like Israel in the desert, rebelling like Aaron, when he allowed the golden calf to be made for the children of Israel at the bottom of Mount Sieni, rebellion like Cane when he killed Able. God only wants what is good for us, but we must seek obedience to God and the ways of righteousness because there is no compromise, nor in between if we want to live a live pleasing to God. One life, that is all we have to get it right, to live right by God. And how fast can that life pass us by. 2 Peter 2:21) For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness , than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.))
    July 6
    Have you ever really weighed and considered how great the sin of God's people is? Think how heinous is your own transgression, and you will find that not only does a sin here and there tower up like an alp, but that your iniquities are heaped upon each other, as in the old fable of the giants who piled Pelian upon Ossa, mountain upon mountain. What an aggregate of sin there is in the life of one of the most sanctified of God's children! Attempt to multiply this, the sin of one only, by the multitude of the redeemed, "a number which no man can number," and you will have some conception of the great mass of the guilt of the people for whom Jesus shed his blood. But we arrive at a more adequate idea of the magnitude of sin by the greatness of the remedy provided. It is the blood of Jesus Christ, God's only and well-beloved Son. God's Son! Angels cast their crowns before him! All the choral symphonies of heaven surround his glorious throne. "God over all, blessed for ever. Amen." And yet he takes upon himself the form of a servant, and is scourged and pierced, bruised and torn, and at last slain; since nothing but the blood of the incarnate Son of God could make atonement for our offences. No human mind can adequately estimate the infinite value of the divine sacrifice, for great as is the sin of God's people, the atonement which takes it away is immeasurably greater. Therefore, the believer, even when sin rolls like a black flood, and the remembrance of the past is bitter, can yet stand before the blazing throne of the great and holy God, and cry, "Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died; yea rather, that hath risen again." While the recollection of his sin fills him with shame and sorrow, he at the same time makes it a foil to show the brightness of mercy--guilt is the dark night in which the fair star of divine love shines with serene splendor. C. H. Spurgeon

    "Think about the one who endured such hostility from sinners, so that you may not become tired and give up. In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood." Hebrews 12:3-4
  3. Thank you, Copper25 for that wonderful post. I don't think I have heard anyone talking about Holiness for a long time, but it does make me long for a closer walk with Heavenly Father. Your thread will make me search this subject and read some on Holiness. It is really the only way others will see Christ in us and the way God can use us to win others to Him.

    And, Least, that is a beautiful song (Sweetly Broken). Where did they get all those horrible pictures? It made me so sad to see what my Lord had to go through just to forgive my sins. It is really shocking to see those pics, but it makes you more aware of what really happened. How sad his mother must have been if she saw what they did to Him. The name of the song interesting and thought provoking.

  4. Welcome to CFS, may God bless you and use you for His glory.

    19:13 Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not
    have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be​
    innocent from the great transgression.

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