The True Gospel Brings Guidance As Well As Salvation

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  1. There is no doctrine of either the second or third use of the law to be found in Paul, rather there is a doctrine of justification by faith based solely on Jesus Christ.
    Paul's doctrine of justification apart from the law, Romans 3:28, refutes all such ideas that could possibly be any extension of legalism in the new church age.
    Paul believed that the churchs which he raised up must be Spirit-led, not law controlled.
    Even though he saw his converts confronted by many numerous threats and dangers, he had faith in the believers because he had faith in the ability of the Holy Spirit to make the gospel triumph in the church's pilgrimage through this world.
    Paul never lost his faith in the power of the gospel to bring guidance as well as salvation.
    He never resorted to law-control, even when human behavior threw entire churches into disorder.
    Because we are not preaching the true gospel today, there are unbelievable events taking place in the church.
    There is confusion and frustration, and a growing demand for a whole new church to be formed in the spirit of hungry believers today.
    Even in Pauls day there were wondering prophets and schismatic spirits and aberrant human behavior which might have caused an ordinary man to turn to law-control, but Paul was not ordinary. He had been raised up by God for the sole purpose of telling the world that it is Christ in you who is the hope of glory-not what you do, not what you live.
    Even in Paul's day, there were many people who said that the church must have some stringent control over believers. This came into view by the Latin mind.
    It is the Latin translation of the scriptures which has carried us from the Christ-life to the unbelievable law preaching we have today.
    Consequently, we have a great falling away from Grace.
    General mistrust appears, which means there is a lack of trust in the power of Christ in the believer. When fear raises its head, there is fear of sin, fear that the power of sin may be greater than that of love.
    Because we have not preached the true gospel today, there is a small faith, for Faith cometh by the hearing of the word. Small faith demands props, crutches, religious baptisms, and man-made doctrines, such as eternal security for the conserving a right order in the church. Small faith longs for legal regulation and a man's formal limits, which in turn the demands law. It was out of this small faith that began in Pauls day, by those who would not except his revelation.
    Soon small faith won the upper hand, and fear of sin became greater than trust in God, everything that Christ in the believer meant became of no avail. The church itself took the place of the Holy Spirit, and the doctrines of the church took the place of Christ living in the believer as his only life.
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    The True Gospel Brings Guidance As Well As Salvation
    ... and an important part of that guidance are
    the many warnings about the believer's responsibilities!

    Perhaps the most obvious group of NT warning Scriptures
    concerns the absolute dire necessity of ...
    one must endure in his/her faith until the end of his/her life to receive eternal life!
    Yes, salvation is a process ... not a one-time event.

    Which is to warn us today that the believer's faith must:
    -- make it through the great tribulation of the antichrist
    -- overcome the pressure to take the mark of the beast

    These will be incredibly difficult to do,
    and will serve as tremendous tests of the believer's faith.

    Those who are 100% sold out for Jesus can be victorious overcomers.
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  3. It seems to me that once again you are pushing the envelope of the Once Saved Always Saved Bible doctrine.

    Where in the Scriptures is the phrase you used about...........
    "one must endure in his/her faith until the end of his/her life to receive eternal life!"

    To endure means the hardships of life be they man made or nature and not about salvation. Just because we follow him does not mean we will not suffer in the normal ways. Let us say that we do indeed get a pass from these things what about the death of loved ones? Accidents and broken ties with those that do not come with us? We trust in God's unfailing love and endure.
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  4. I think perhaps you are thinking of sanctification rather than salvation?
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  5. G'day mate.
    talking about scripture and skating on thin ice,
    Mar 13:13 And you will be hated by all for my name's sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.
    Of course that little snippet is often taken out of context.
    It is cold and drizzling up here in my area.
    relevance = zero, but I feel miserable today.:( :)
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  6. Wow. It is 90 here today.

    Yes. Context demands that The Scripture you posted is concerning the Jews after the "R" word we can not discuss anymore, so it actually does not apply to us today or the church as doctrine, IMO.
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  7. You have blown me away again!
    There are about 10 of them, but your bias is so strong that you ignore them.
    Ditto with some other spiritual truths!
  8. I think "guidance" is the key word. That's what we are looking for each and every day of our journeys in the Christian faith.
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  9. True guidance comes from the Holy Spirit, Who lives inside of us.
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  10. Then it should not be too difficult for you to post just one of them so that I can explain the correct meaning of that verse to you.
  11. Art thou serious?
    From what I've seen ... I doubt that you can explain the correct meaning of any verse.

    Meanwhile, please re-read post numero 5.
  12. Samuels Major

    Please take Note
    You two seem to rub on each other a little two much.
    So I suggest you shake hands and strive to keep at peace.

    Thank you Gentleman

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  13. Fish Cather Jim gave some good advice. Farewell Samuels and may you be well.

    Major out!
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  14. I agree. Guidance and truth are essential IMO.
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  15. Jim, may I venture a question?
    Did Jesus and the apostles keep the peace with those who were preaching false gospels?
  16. No Sir not at all times.
    However Jesus did tell us to obey the laws of the land and those in authority and strive to be at peace with every one.

    I am under authority and do what I am told (keeping peace in the forum) and this also mean I have authority over others (members) to enforce the rules in order to keep the peace.

    Sir, I get it. Sometimes replies can leave a lot to the imagination and rub us the wrong way, However all we can do is put the truth out there and trust God that those who are hungry for the truth will take it.

    We can't force them and in a forum type situation with all the different members, we can not allow members to start claiming they are correct and others are not. If we did this it would make the presidential debates look Holy and loving. ;)

    So we have to play nice with every one and follow the guide lines and Pray for those who seem to be lacking in the understanding of the Truth in God's Word.

    Blessing Brother Samuels
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  17. Amen.

    Titus 2:7-8....
    "In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us."
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  18. I would prefer sincerity and truth, myself, spoken kindly, I don't want anyone to 'play nice' with me.

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  19. I agree.
    Also I have met many people who think they are filled to the brim with Christian knowledge and love.
    But on examination it is just a thin veneer, underneath they are shown to be no better than anyone else..........that has been my experience any ways.
    [QUOTE="Noblemen, post: 446404, member: 15867
    It is the Latin translation of the scriptures which has carried us from the Christ-life to the unbelievable law preaching we have today.
    Consequently, we have a great falling away from Grace.
    I agree that there is a falling away taking place, but I can't really see that the Latin translation is the culprit.
    In any event you are right in that there needs to be more preaching of God's word in the Churches and less...much less social gospel drivel
    mine two thousand dollars worth....(inflation):)
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