The Tree Of Knowledge And Good And Evil.

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  1. In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge and were consequently kicked out.

    As I understand it, this is the "Sin" for which Christianity is based (feel free to correct me if am wrong).

    Please explain to me the significance of eating the fruit and why it made God so angry - angry enough to kick us, those who were made in his image and who he loved more than the angels, out of Eden/Heaven (?).

    Also please explain to me what would have happened if Adam/Eve did not eat the fruit (condemning us all to hell and making his son Jesus to suffer in our place). What is the tree of knowledge and why did God want us to stay away? Did we not know what good/evil was before taking the fruit?

    Much thanks and obviously I do not know as much as some people on this forum about the Bible/Christianity so please correct me on any details/whatever I get wrong and I'm looking forward to your replies.
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  2. One argument in line with the Bible is that when God created humans, he gave us 'free will' to choose right or wrong - built into our conscience. Adam and Eve ate the fruit (looks silly) - but 'disobeyed' their creator and listened to satan - the first sin. Sin separates us from God.
  3. But why is the tree of knowledge called "the tree of knowledge" (of good and evil) and not "some evil apple tree"?
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  4. Once we ate the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, we learned the knowledge of Good and evil.

    Good was keeping God's word, and keeping a relationship with him. But once we disobeyed we discovered what evil felt like, shameful and selfish.

    Because we had experienced evil, God had to show us the consequences of living without him, because ultimately we chose to live that way when we disobeyed him.

    Welcome to the world of rejecting God! Accept Jesus, or be rejected by him in eternal hell.
  5. I don't reject God. But I do not believe he has accepted me. I was hoping this community could share some light on this issue.

    I understand the basic principle of the story of Adam and Eve, how because we had disobeyed him we are denied paradise unless through Jesus Christ. Before we ate from the tree of knowledge, were we not good and perfect?
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  6. Yes we were. But then we disobeyed. Believe it or not, we have responsibility!
  7. If we were good and perfect, why did we disobey?
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  8. share* - shed, sorry I keep doing this.
  9. With a mind and free will comes choice. God doesn't make machines, he makes beings.
  10. Did God not know we will disobey?
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  11. I think he was smart enough, yes. ;)
  12. Then why?
  13. Hard to say. Why do we have children when we know they can turn out to be terrible people? Because we love them.
  14. Couldn't God have made more of an effort to keep us away from the tree of knowledge? Instead of saying 'stay away from it' he could have said "if you eat an apple from this tree I'm gonna kick you out of this place and make life incredibly miserable for you. Generations upon generations of your offspring will suffer eternal torment until I send Jesus down to make up for your idiocy. Therefore, don't do it and don't listen to the stupid snake."

    This way we have more of a warning and still keep our free will and all that (and we might still be living in paradise).
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  15. Maybe he trusted and respected us enough to think we would know better. I mean he gave us paradise! Why would we ever disobey him?

    We were tricked, and we doubted what God had said. Adam and Even knew full well what the consequences were.
  16. Which is why A&E could never have made an informed decision to eat the fruit. Thus did not have "free will".
  17. I had no idea Adam and Eve knew how bad it was going to be, I thought God just told them 'don't do it' but I'll take your word for it.

    I still think it was quite harsh to be kicked out of paradise for eating an apple. So what if we can tell the difference now between good and evil - or did the apple make us evil? There was still no need for him to kick us out were there? I thought he loved us.

    If the apple made us evil were we before Jesus Christ (saviour) not capable of any good?
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  18. Romans 5:8 (KJV)
    But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

    No perfect, just innocent, not knowing right from wrong... only one law, do not eat of that tree. It was placed there so man has a choice and we're not robots.
  19. So it was about choice - it all comes down to obedience?
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  20. Yep.

    And btw the fruit was not an apple :D

    Apples are delicious

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