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  1. I would love to hear your travel experiences. Do you love going places? Any good experiences / recommendations?
  2. I will be going 3000 miles to the deep southern state of GA in 4 weeks. I will post some pics when I get back. A lot of people call it the Bible belt
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  3. the farthest i've been out of my hometown is Jacksonville, Florida. but my family is planning on moving to Georgia soon.
  4. Parts of Georgia are very religious. Actually the "Bible Belt" encircles the entire South, not just Ga.

    Here are some tips for your trip.

    1. Try eating grits. Season with salt, pepper and butter....NOT sugar...That is a sin in the South.

    2. When asked "Hiyeeew?" the correct resounds is "Fine, and yeeew?" or if you are brave, try "Fair ta middlin'"which will get a chuckle and lower walls.

    3. Visit Savannah if you can...THAT was the cultural centre of the South for many centuries.

    4. Ask to be introduced to a Waffle will thank me.
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  5. MMMMMmmm...Waffle bad; IT"S GOOD!

    I used to enjoy travel-until the molesting started at the airports, and now train and bus stations, but we think we are still 'free' in the USA.

    Anyway, can't say I am a Globe Trotter though I have been many places; The 'mega' Bass Pro Shop near Houston Texas was memorable. Thought about trying to live in one of the tents on display.....maybe con them into paying me to be there!

    Visiting the Ziggurat in Ur was interesting; didn't get to see much of Baghdad-saw lots of desert. The coast of Croatia was nice-Venice Italy was live visiting a sewer when I was there..UGH. Budapest on a summer's night....But then again I was a whole lot backslidin then....

    Now, seeing the world as it is, I have heartbreak and anger, hmmmm...might need to work on that.
  6. Croatia......My wife is the last duchess of Slovonia (eastern Croatia)at least that's what my Serbian lawyer/adventurer claims.

    Loved my time in Rovinj, Croatia.....After that, we just skipped Venice, as I have heard similar reports.

    Budapest was impossible to drive or park in, so we stayed in a village outside of town...close to a cool old castle.

    Keep in mind, Dirty....How you see the world is governed now by how and what your media wants to tell you.
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of my own fleshly sin nature and reflecting on my own experiences...but yeah media is pack of hooey anyway.
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  8. It's a combination: the media pushes your fleshy buttons.
  9. I love traveling, but I also love coming home. That being said, I always fall in love with whatever country, state, or culture I visit and could easy see making any of them home. I often long to return to some of the places I've been and wonder what it would have been like if I had been able to stay.
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  10. Ooops...Those are signs of a true traveler and not a "tourist"!God has special uses for folks with those symptoms.

  11. I can scarcely count the time I was ready to just not return home. I suspect that window has passed sadly. My wife is no traveler. She's not even a good tourist. She likes her roots, which is only odd because she does like camping. Perhaps if I would have been more willing to listen to God, and less wrapped up in my own selfishness sooner in life, many things would have been very different for me, and for others as well.
  12. Well...that's hard to say, Ban.Perhaps God wanted you to stay home, but was gracious enough to let you taste the buffet board of travel. He's good at satisfying our harmless desires,

    I know a guy who convinced himself long ago that he was meant to be a traveling evangelist...He is the best example of the "ugly American" traveler, going from country to country actual insulting the church-folk where he works about their cultures and traditions. He is a havoc meister, and yet he's been doing it for years.

    He travels to exotic places, yet none are as good as his idea of America.
  13. My challenge is usually remembering how to be an American when I return home, though I've had my "rude American" moments as well.
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  14. It seems to be a hard culture to shake.
  15. For those who cannot travel there is a wonderful way to travel without "traveling"...It's called "Hospitality Club"...check it out:

    We've had nothing but wonderful guests, and even had three folks come to the Lord, one with a meter long tattoo!
  16. That's an interesting subject, I was warned about that before I came here and then it really hit home when I realized I needed to keep a low profile because I was here "illegally."

    I was able to see/experience the "ugly American" trait/character from the tourists that visited the hotels I worked at, with Tahiti being an international tourist attraction I learned that the rest of the world doesn't really like American's, many a time I was embarrassed to be know as an American.

    I must give glory to God that put godly men I my life before I came here that taught me to be a servant. I've seen many "Christian missionaries" that have come here that expect to waited on hand and foot by the locals, some times, when they have their Bibles out I'll ask to look at it, ...just to see if John 13:15 is there.

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  17. Pretty true...However, the rude Frenchman (told me by a Frenchwoman), the aggressive Russians, (hotel staff complaint), and snobby Saudis have made their marks in the world now.

    For most of the post WWII period, it was the Americans that had the yen and the cash to go "overseas", not other nationalities. The "10 cities in 2 weeks" bus tours....a nightmare way to see a culture, and nothing but traveling in a bubble.

    Oh, sure, in Europe, Dutchmen would camper holiday in France, Brits in Spain, Swedes in Finland......But that wasn't very far removed or alien as "back home" for them.

    Then about 20 years ago (my guess) the pleasure money and desires shifted...Russians got big money and were everywhere...Germans (always good travelers) had had enough of Europe and were found in the jungles of Peru, in Thailand.....why: I ran into my old German boss once on a tiny island off the coast of Honduras!!
    Saudis travel everywhere, some in mufti and some not.

    I think now that Americans can't afford to travel*, that genre of "the ugly American" will vanish with the Pet Rock.

    * How bad is it? Take a look:,0,2490443,full.story
  18. European Recommendations:

    1) Coastal Croatia instead of Greece or Italy...especially now that Greece is failing.

    2) Austria instead of Switzerland....cheaper, warmer people and gorgeous.

    3) Anywhere in France outside of Paris....especially Breton.

    4) Poland....great food, solid Christians and eager for tourists.

    5) Bavaria (Southern Germany)...this is what you are taught as "Germany" culturally. Even Northern Germans love it down there.

    6) the tourist paths and great history and beaches.

    7) Slovenia...NO tourists yet very beautiful and friendly....very cheap and first rate.

  19. My gf is from Meigs GA. I do want to see Savannah and she is going to take me to the swamps. I WANT fresh hillbilly craw dads. Also I want to go to a Southern baptist church and praise with them to the Lord.

    i b gittin back to yall soon.

    God Bless :)

    Chili out.

    Also for hiyeew I will say aight yeeew lol
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