'The times, they are a'changing.'

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  1. 'Charge them that are rich in this world,
    that they be not highminded,
    nor trust in uncertain riches,
    but in the living God,
    Who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;'

    (1Tim. 6:17)

    Hello there,

    I have been reading about the promises made to Israel, concerning the land, and the throne of David. That these things will be fully fulfilled in God's time.

    As I read, I thought of the times we live in now, of the technological advances, and the immense changes that have taken place, and tried to imagine Christ returning to the world as it now is, and the two seemed totally incompatible.

    Yet, the advances that have been made are all reliant on external power of one sort or another, the mobile phone, television, computer etc., all require external power to maintain them. Should this power be taken away, we would be thrown back very quickly to a day when the only means of transport was our own feet, and when our survival depended on the labour of our own hands.

    We are seeing geological and climatic changes taking place, and financial strains upon nations. The middle east also is a powder keg of conflict and upheaval, and the whole world is affected by it, in one way or another. There is famine and pestilence which the world struggles to control, and internal conflict creating mass migration of peoples, causing strain in the nations who have to receive them. We could go on and on itemizing the potential disasters posed by these things.

    We know that before our Lord does return again, there will be the rise of the Anti-Christ, who will appear to be the Saviour of the world, bringing peace and security to a world in conflict, and the conditions are certainly ripe for someone of that nature to be welcomed at this time.

    Praise God! That these things are all known and foretold by God through His Word, we are not unprepared.

    We look for the Saviour, Praise God!

    Just thoughts.
    Please add your own.

    In Christ Jesus
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  2. All very true and Biblical.

    But of all the changes I am glad of in the world today, by far it is indoor toilets.
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    Uhh this is all a bit scary..i can see the climate changes through the California fires that are claiming lives, earthquakes, people getting crazier, the past blood moons ECT, ...its soon to come....

    The stars are aligned..

    All this and I have exams,test, driving practice to fit in...my brain is about to explode..

    I definitely don't feel ready, when I pray god feels far away and like he isn't listening... Idk what to do its overwhelming.

    I haven't been to church in months, have anger and hurt feelings towards someone..i feel I have too much baggage to be raptured.
  4. Hi @pancakes,

    Please don't be scared, and put away the thought that God is far away, for in the person of His Son we are as 'nearer' as He. He is sat at God's right hand in the heavenly places, far above all principalities and powers and every name named: and we are 'in' Him.

    We who believe, are forgiven for all our sins, we are, through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, now God's children! How amazing is that! We have access into His presense as all times, and nothing can separate us from His love.

    Remember, feelings are fickle and untrustworthy, but God's word to us is sure and steadfast. He will never leave us or forsake us. So lift up those arms of yours, Pancakes, and praise His Holy Name. For you are precious in His sight. Made meet to partake of the inheritance of the saints in light.

    You are accepted in the Beloved, and His righteousness has been imputed to you, in Him. You and I are eternally blessed!!!

    Be not fearful, but believing, and rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, regardless of how you feel.
    Be strong in faith, and put aside all thoughts that would deny your surety in Christ Jesus your Lord.

    * God has spoken and He will do it!

    In Christ Jesus
    Our risen and glorified
    Saviour, Lord and Head.
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  5. Yes, he is also known as the Pope (and Rome).
  6. Hello @Waggles,

    I know you are not alone in believing this, Waggles, but I would rather not attribute this epithet to anyone, for I do not know if it is true.

    Thank you for contributing.
    In Christ Jesus
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  7. I have no opinion on the rapture but wholly respect that you do, whether it be pre/mid/post or an alternative to these doesn't matter to me, that you believe in the rapture does, so my reply is with an open mind and acceptance and appreciation of your belief.

    Complete has given you beautiful words of encouragement and I agree with them, I can only add one thing, don't worry, focus on your exams, be a good person, God understands and he wants you to do well and he knows the truth in your heart and I am sure, at the rapture, he has allocated a little extra space for some extra on board hand luggage and he will know exactly what to do with it to heal your heart and ease your mind. Xx
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  8. Thank you, I'm hoping god would be this sweet/merciful.
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  9. Just bear in mind the hoo-haa and the very special welcome given by the world's supposedly most powerful'king' the"christian" President Obama
    to the Pope.
    Read the descriptions concerning the anti-Christ and how the whole world marvels and worships him.
    Pretty well everything about the anti-Christ including blasphemies and usurping the authority of Christ fits in with Rome and her Popes.
    In fact when it comes to Mystery Babylon and the Harlot of Revelation she is actually described as the city that sits on seven hills (Rome).
    Also when it comes to false signs and wonders by Satan to promote the anti-Christ religion there is plenty of material there from Fatima (1917) to many apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary who mostly tells people the need to uphold the Pope and save the Mother Church.
    Again in Daniel the description of the "little horn" that speaks blasphemies most closely describes the rise of the Vatican (a little state amongst other kingdoms).
  10. Hi @Waggles,

    Thank you for your input. I have a book on my shelf entitled, 'The Two Babylons', on Romanism and it's Origins, by Rev. Alexander Hislop: which is quite an eye opener, first published way back in 1916. So, I am not without evidence as to this subject. I have been more interested in following through other lines of inquiry, concerning the Church which is His Body primarily: and the uniqueness of it's hope; within recent years, and have not given this subject my attention.

    Maybe I should now.
    Take care, Waggles

    In Christ Jesus
    Our risen and glorified
    Saviour, Lord and Head.

  11. Another famous book of similar ilk is "Mystery Babylon" now out of print I believe.
    However, if you type in "Mystery Babylon" into your internet browser then you should get search results comparable
    with this book's contents.
    The bishop's mitre that the Pope wears as the Bishop of Rome has stylized lions very much resembling those of ancient Babylon.
    Did you notice all the pomp and ceremony given to worshipping and extolling the Pope in the U.S. recently from the White House and both houses of Congress and even to the United Nations.
    Oh truly he is the World leader that all honour and uphold. The fatal wound that has been healed refers to the destruction of Rome and the Roman Empire, and the recreation of a new Rome with new emperors and an empire - the Holy Roman Empire / the Roman Catholic Church.
    The first Popes took on the imperial role of the previous Caesars - Pontus Maximus.
    Now worldwide across all the seas and embracing all the world's peoples.
    The teachings and doctrines of the Popes and Catholicism is very much against the Scriptures and have taken believers away from the original
    gospel of the early Church.
    Rome is a worldly empire based on worldly power and riches.
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