The Thin Red Line (Part 2: text was to long)

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  1. The Thin Red Line (Part 2: text was to long)

    As mentioned before the name of this movie is "The Thin Red Line". You must ask your self, what is the thin red line? Is it a line on a map, or something drawn by a pen? Or is it or very existence?

    It is that very coating of Christ's blood that saves us. It's not just a coating though, for Christ's blood flows through my veins as well. When I received my new heart, I also received a blood transfusion, and with it I become a child of God.

    It's looks no different than any other blood, it can't be seen under the microscope or tested in a vile, but it's power comes into affect every-time I make decisions, every-time I do or don't do a Kingdom work and it's most awesome work happens when I die and my name is found in the Lambs Book of Life.

    As God passes judgment on us all, He will see me covered and dripping in His Sons blood. Jesus will then tell Him that, all of which has been said is true, but that He covered those sins on the cross with His own blood.

    Eternal life or death is but a breath away. For those in Jackson it could be a turn away, a jump away, a climb away, a hike away or even a wave away. How far away from death are you? Has satan deceived you in thinking that you'll live forever? Are you one of the many people who believe that they are in control?

    Will you.... or better yet do you have the "Thin Red Line", not the regular blood that a man bleeds, but the blood of our "God", that He shed so they we might have eternal life with Him... because He love us so much.

    Right now is the moment of truth for many of you. Only you and God know where you are. Will you stand in line at the "chair lift" waiting to ride the most epic day ever, only to find out that, while the ride is free, that you had to pick up the ticket before you could ride? Are you current;y standing in line, hoping for heaven? Christ has made that opportunity free, but only for those who have faith in His work to enter.
    Once your in line there is no getting out. The pass is free, but only for those who choose to receive it before they got in line.

    Your pass is to believe in him. If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe with your heart that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it's with your mouth that you confess and are saved. (Rom 10:9-10)
    Jesus has already asked for your forgiveness, "Father, forgive them, they know not what they are doing". (Lk 23:34), even while you were hammering those nails into His wrists and ankles.

    Don't put your trust and faith into something created, but put it in the Creator.
    Jesus and your works didn't hang on the cross.
    Jesus and your church didn't hang on the cross.
    Jesus and your money didn't hang on the cross, only Jesus did.

    Jesus by Himself hung on the cross, and by Himself, He said it was finished, (Jn 19:30), and Jesus by Himself ascended in to Heaven, So Jesus alone is your salvation, so trust Him!

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