The Testing Of Spirits

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  1. I enjoy reading Wiesel's wisdom too. :)

    Oh sure, that link simply points out certain verses that are in the video you posted. I figured it made it easier to follow along with the video.

    I like how he rebuked Joel Osteen and his book title, 'your best life now'. :rolleyes: Only if you're going to Hell. Because the best life is after life and in Heaven. Poor Osteen. But he is certainly someone that demonstrates himself to be a materialist.

    In this video, The Devilish Puppet Master...., Gloria Copeland, at the 18:00 mark in the video below, and she's the wife of Kenneth Copeland. He owns 5 private jets and it is that which she is referring to in this piece, talks about controlling the weather in this clip. That's what she calls word of faith, but that is actually heresy. And hypocrisy. Because she says in this piece that they don't usually fly in bad weather.
    o_OWell darlin, if Ken can control the weather how could there ever be bad weather when you fly? :whistle:
    I found a compilation of the Strange Fire conference teachings too. I'm now listening to them out of order. "The Devilish Puppet Master of the Word of Faith Movement..."

    It's terribly sad. How do you leave your 21 month old baby in an SUV to roast to death? While sitting in your office at work sexting 16 year old girls and sending them pictures of your aroused self?
    And all for a $27,0000 total life insurance policy award after the baby dies! And in the course of waiting for natures heat to take its course, visit a website dedicated to childless families who meet and greet and discuss how wonderful life is without kids!

    Based on what I've seen in the probable cause hearing that is on You Tube in full, a three part series, he's guilty as sin. And in Georgia, he's not going to have a good time in prison. Even though his computer showed he researched information on how to survive there.

    That tells me he was pre-planning his baby boys death well in advance. And had the foresight to consider his future should he screw up and get caught. Evil!:mad:
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  2. I watched all of the strange fire conference and I was just entranced. As I have already said, I see a lot of truth being told there and no wonder - it's based solely on the Word of God. He is inspirational. And you are right about being better able to follow the bible verses better when it is written out.

    I watched the full 19 hours in sequence, so you will have to forgive an old lady's memory. I don't know which episode had MacArthur mentioning someone in the audience. I am rewatching episode 18, and midway thru he mentions someone (unnamed) who had been there that day, referring to a Charismatic, I assume. This is not what I recall and associated with my Driscoll post but I am not going to watch the whole 19 hours again. I could have just misunderstood what was said.

    That Harris guy sounds really guilty to me from what you posted. Most of the cases I have heard about, the parent(s) did not deliberately try to kill their children - they were just plain stupid and negligent.
  3. Re: Wiesel. I don't think? I have read anything from him but I may have 40 years ago. I was very interested in the Holocaust and Nazi hunters and I link him to that. I have watched documentaries about him and don't recall the quote being mentioned and I think that I would because I have been saying it since my college days and it always surprises people - because they think hate is the opposite of love. It would have to be equal to be opposite.

  4. Have you seen the movie about his journey in the camps called, Night?

    As to the question about the crasher at the Strange Fire Conference. I don't know that there was a successful crash mentioned in the first video here in the OP. I do know that Driscoll was not successful. In fact he brought copies of his books that the conference were going to take into custody because he intended to sell them there. And in the video it appears Driscoll realized he was being captured on a cellphone during that confrontation, so he offered the books as a donation to the event instead. Very transparent move in my opinion.
  5. How would that be possible without His empowerment?
  6. I googled Wiesel after my last post (always remember google is your friend - guilty grin) and I have not read Wiesel but Night is going on my to read list. Sigh, it's a good thing I read fast because my e-book catalogue is getting fat with as yet unread books. I may have been confusing Wiesel with Simon Wiesenthal (bad silk- self administered thwak). Wikipedia certainly details Wiesel is a man well worth knowing.

    I saw in your video where Driscoll was "giving" books to the conference. It didn't really show him trying to sell the books - rofl - and that puts a different slant on things. I don't know Driscoll "from Adam". I can see why they wouldn't want people "bursting" into Tongues at the conference. On the other hand, MacArthur seems ready and able to biblically back what he says to any critics.

    Thanks for the link!!! I love learning new things Silk <-----joyfully engulfed in books and videos
  7. I wouldn't think it would be possible for someone to speak in tongues without the Holy Spirit's involvement. I thought it was said the gift of tongues could be 'faked'? I'm just trying to think if say an unbeliever were speaking in tongues what would be the explanation?
  8. I am sure there are some people who are misguided about it, or feel emotionally less than, and maybe they want to somehow fit in? But I don't think an unbeliever would desire such a thing.
  9. Unless, as MacArthur says, the unbeliever is part of the Charismatic movement.

    To Scriptural Bird: I just watched "Elie Wiesel" on Amazon Prime. Boy!! Is that guy quotable: "indifference is a sin" and "If you don't have the right words, don't write them." Is there a movie on "Night"? I'm looking for it on Amazon but haven't found it yet. I feel sadly lacking and ignorant that Wiesel was not part of my horizon before and profoundly grateful for your post.
  10. Here is the trailer to the movie, Night:

    I was wrong. Mr.Driscoll wasn't hoping to sell his books outside the Strange Fire Conference. He was looking to give them away.
    The conference security team was going to confiscate them in the video posted. And that is when Mark Driscoll donated them to the conference.
    Unfortunately, Mr.Driscoll did not Tweet that truth. He claimed his books were confiscated by the conference.

  11. I imagined there was a movie, Night, for the book that Elie Wiesel wrote given the trailer. I could be mistaken about that. But it is odd that there is a trailer but not a movie following the trailer.

    I am profoundly privileged to have introduced you all to Elie Wiesel. :)
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    I believe that they don't call it "selling" per se, anyway - they call it donation with a "suggested donation price". Not that this is the same thing but I wouldn't want them giving out "Satan's Handbook" outside my conference either.

    And let's face it - "Lies are not the Truth" - I'm sure someone else has already said it. :)
  13. Yep, I'm sure. ;) :)
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  14. Apparently, according to Google search, there is no movie "Night" and the trailer is for the book. Which is ok - I usually prefer the book, anyways. In your video of the interview with Wiesel - He says he believes in God and the bible, too. Being a Jew, he means OT but he pays tribute to the Truth of God's Word. The biblical style that gives in depth meaning to "compacted" words. True wisdom from them.
  15. Is it possible to be saved if you don't believe that Jesus is God?
  16. I believe that a person---even a child---can be saved by believing in the Son of God, but the teaching that He is part of the Godhead is often subsequent to salvation.
  17. In answer to your question, Porcupine, my knee jerk response is no. The Mormons and JW's (I think) don't believe in the divinity of Christ. Islam acknowledges Him as a prophet. Would you consider any of these "saved"? And I'm unsure how any Christian would be converting any "newbie" without explaining to them, how it is that Christ's work and mission, while on earth, could be explained without it.
  18. The teachings about Jesus are often received after conversion. We are saved not by what we know about Jesus being God, but by our faith in Him and what He did for us on the cross. People's faith saves them even before they make public confession of it.

    One's teaching in the word comes through discipling both before and after a person's point of salvation.
  19. From the thread title, I'm looking at 1Jn 4:2-3 KJV (I've abbreviated): "Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God" I'm trying to learn exactly what 'confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh' means.

    When I read Matthew Henry's commentary, he says "Jesus Christ is to be confessed as the Son of God, the eternal life and Word, that was with the Father from the beginning; as the Son of God that came into, and came in, our human mortal nature, and therein suffered and died at Jerusalem. He who confesses and preaches this, by a mind supernaturally instructed and enlightened therein, does it by the Spirit of God, or God is the author of that illumination." Is Henry's commentary correct?

    Expositor's has a very long write up going into many different beliefs around the time the Scripture was written. I was having some trouble following Expositor's because of the style of writing but one thing I noted it says "That 'in the beginning,' 'from the beginning,' of the Epistle and Gospel, includes nothing short of the eternal God."

  20. OK, that makes sense.
    That there was a trailer is what threw me. I've never seen a trailer produced so as to promote an audiobook.
    It is true, books are very often far better than the movies made about them. Something always seems to be lost in the transfer from the page to the screen.


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