The Sun Rise,...........

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  1. The Sun Rise,...........

    The sun rises, the sun sets,
    Another day is done,
    Your love o Lord is ever true,
    The victory you have won,
    We see the smoke,
    We see the fires,
    None of this is a joke,
    We see the terror,
    We see the horror,
    The destruction will show tomorrow,
    The land is dry and bare,
    to some they just don't care,
    The sun rises, the sun stes,
    Another day is done,
    Your love to us will ever last,
    All our troubles are in the dust,
    It is you Lord that the victory is won.

    written by ramon 25/2/09
  2. beautiful ..
    Thank you.
  3. Very nice Raymond

  4. That was beautiful Brother Raymond!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Blessings, Cheri

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