The Subject Of Masturbation

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What are your thoughts on masturbation?

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  1. Masturbation is always a sin and must be avoided

  2. Masturbation is sometimes a sin depending.

  3. Masturbation isn't a sin, but should probably be avoided.

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  4. Masturbation isn't a sin and it doesn't matter.

  5. Masturbation is very healthy and should be practiced.

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  1. A thread began on this subject, and to my surprise, many of us differ on this.

    We should discuss since I think it's a very important one.
  2. Need another selection.

    Masturbation is fine within the context of a marriage and your fantasy is about your spouse.

    Perfectly acceptable.
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  3. I know my reputation on this forum as a liberal is going to make people roll their eyes at my response, but my opinion is that it's not a sin. I've heard people make the statement that everyone does it but I'm not going to go that far. I think in the case of men at least it's a necessary release. If you do not get that release via masturbation it will happen during sleep. For women I can't comment, but I don't see it as a harmful practice.
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  4. Is masturbation a one-party action?
  5. OK let's break it down.

    The physical act is NOT the problem. Babies do it in the womb.

    The problem is the fantasy portion. Where you are fooling around with someone you are NOT married. Lust that defiles.

    So if you are doing it, because you're away from home. And you are thinking of your spouse. No harm done.

    Thinking of someone else. Problem.

    So the hands on act, not an issue or else babies would be fornicators. They are not.
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  6. I'm not meaning to roll my eyes, and I welcome all honest answers, even if I don't agree. I encourage discussion.

    Question: The release--are you suggesting that it is better to directly have a release to ensure it doesn't happen indirectly?
  7. What if you're single? Is a fantasy a bad thing then? As far as I can tell it hurts no one.
  8. For children without the stain of fantasy of fornication and adultery it can be. It just feels good at that point.

    But for those whom know the difference between fun and fornication, well there is where the problem lies.
  9. Well, it does hurt your soul. It is a case of entertaining lustful thoughts, which we know to be a sin.
  10. What is masturbation?
  11. What if you fantasize about a nonexistent person? Someone you construct in your own mind whom you imagine yourself to be married to?
  12. The King, said that if you lust in your heart you commit sin.

    Can you do this without thinking of someone else?

    If so, enjoy.

    I don't know of too many people that can go do it without zapping a sexy fantasy in their heads.

    But if that is your spouse then. Hey that's good. That person should be the only one you lust after anyway.
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  13. The physical act of touching erogenous areas for pleasure.
  14. Well, that's part of it. Whether we are lusting over an actual human being or an imaginary human being, it is still an object of lust because we've objectified each--real or not--and we've committed lust.
  15. To whom is that pleasure being directed and what is the thought process?
  16. You get into some very thought-police-ish territory on this subject. I'm not really convinced there's anything wrong unless you're having rape fantasies.
  17. Imagination comes from previous experiences.

    These are based by interaction with other people.

    So even though they are "imaginary" they are a construct of various people that exist.

    Unless you could somehow create a new experience, devoid of real previous interaction and separate that construct, then God will know it is fornication.

    To game the system is hard to do.
  18. What is lust?
  19. For the children, it is a pleasure unto themselves and the process is merely that it feels good. No other construct is present unless one had been introduced by intervention of one exposed to lust. (ex. Adult intervention)

    For people that have been exposed to lust, then it is made for their own pleasure and is filled with thoughts of lust.
  20. But we are human beings and we get lonely, and we all have a sexual mechanism in us. There is no way to get the necessary release - and it IS a necessary release - without having explicitly sexual thoughts. I don't know if it's fair to call it "lust" entirely because a purely sexual experience with no love involved is empty and unfulfilling. But if love is a component of that fantasy then it IS more fulfilling.
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