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  1. A couple of days ago, God gave me a wonderful dream that was better than any other dream that I ever had.

    The dream was about a deep hole. There were anime characters trying to get out of the hole, because there were dead people in a type of capsule at the bottom. There was this one old man with small circle shades who couldn't make it to the top, so he fell. At the bottom, he was rejoicing, like he just won a battle. He was also waving a Bible in his hands. That dream gave me an awesome feeling. I woke up right after it and thanked God so much for that dream. It was awesome.

    What are some awesome dreams that you have had?
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  2. What did the dream mean to you? Silk <------curious.
  3. I dunno. It just evoked a great feeling inside me. It was the same feeling I got when I converted someone to Christianity some time ago. I just felt...good.
    I might describe it as victory.
  4. Were the Anime figures hero or villain? Does this hark back to your gamer days? And the fact that the Word got you out of that hole/pocket?
  5. i have many dreams... in one i was walking home at night. i approached the front door and stepped. the living room was where it should be in the dream ,but it opened to a kitchen rather than the hallway like it was supposed to in real life. the lights were out in the house, except for this kitchen. across the kitchen was the back wall. on the wall was a board with 2 pegs and dish towels on each peg. i stood there and looked as one of the towels began to wiggle. i was at first astonished, then immediately became afraid...and then anger began to set in as it wriggled more and more. i became very upset and began yelling at the towel to stop. i yelled very load and the anger rose up in me. the other towel began wiggling and i started to step into the kitchen to tear the rags up. i was furious and charging toward the kitchen. suddenly just as i reached the doorway to the kitchen, the door slammed in my face very hard and there was no way to open it. i then heard what sounded like to great animals fighting in there. it was like they were gigantic....sounded like huge dinosaurs were fighting viciously. i stepped away from the door from fear and could see shadows moving quickly back and forth as they really went at one another. it then became very quiet....the door slowly opened....on the floor lay the 2 towels torn to shreds........i woke up
  6. The one good dream that i know was a prophetic dream and I believe God is bringing it to pass.

    I was in Jail, and then the next thing i knew is that in the center of the property was some small grassy hills with sidewalks and I was leading a bunch of ladies. We were all singing hymns and spiritual songs. The sense was that we were free spiritually. Free from the prison.
  7. I never really liked anime. The anime characters were mostly heroes. And I was not in the dream.
  8. What does that mean? You weren't in the dream? Someone was watching the figures in the dream? There are some who say that every figure in a dream is at least partly you.
  9. I dunno about those people.
  10. You are your own best interpeter of your would have to be "in" the dream to be viewing it, even if you aren't doing any of the actions. I usually notice 3 levels in dreams I think God sent me. What do anime characters represent to you? They are coming out of a hole/pocket - do you recognize where that hole is? These type of things are what I ask myself when I have had a vibrant dream. That you felt wonderful about the dream seemed to me that what was being said as you were doing good things with God's approval to escape a hole where dead people are. Just tryin' to help.
  11. There wasn't much detail like that. I saw the people, but I was not in it. I guess you could call me a narrator. And I did not see anything besides a hole and a bit of grass. I only saw one anime character so I assumed that they were all anime characters. And I was not trying to get out of the hole, in fact the blessings came from inside the hole.

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