The Story Between David And Nabal And The Lessons Involved

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  1. I remember reading this book years ago, which centred around the relationship between King David and King Saul and the spiritual lessons one could learn from them.

    but the part of the book that resonated with me the most was the interlude between King David and Nabal and his future wife Abigail.

    I remember the author was talking about there are several things we could learn from it, and two that stood out for me was

    1 The importance of remembering that God has a good plan for all of us, and every time we are tempted to take certain actions based on emotions such as anger or even rage, it is good for us to put things into perspective, and asked us whether what we are planning to do is really worth it. In King David's case, he was thinking about retaliating against Nabal in a really decisive manner. Thankfully, God put Abigail in his path, and Abigail talked some sense into him, and made him realized the potential consequence his intended action could have on his kingship later on.

    2 Many Christians mistake "meekness" as a form of weakness ( I have to admit, I am one of them). and it is not. the author pointed out meekness is a harnessed strength, it will not allow our emotions to take over and simply resort to destructive actions without take into consideration of consequence. And this is the biggest difference between "rage" and 'meekness".
  2. @福井舞, just curious: do you know, or have you looked up the meaning of Nabal's name -- Naval in Hebrew? That would be interesting to you, I am sure. You probably know that some in the Bible are given names for the sake of the narrative, not because they were called that in life. My name, in Hebrew, means one who is clean, whose G-d is her Father. The biblical names often add a deeper meaning to the narrative.

    Writing of meekness, my present husband's father is one of the meekest men I know, and he looks the part. To be around him may cause some to mistake his meekness for weakness, but they would be sorely mistaken. Not only was he a military policeman in WWII, but he just celebrated his 93 birthday, and his strength is phenomenal. He still takes care of his large garden himself, and his children had to demand that he stop working on his roof and stop climbing his trees to do his own trimming.
  3. yes, I did read that Nabal mean "fool" or something like that in Hebrew, and that it may not be his real name, rather like you said, it was used to indicate his character.

    and thanks for sharing.

    I think people don't like to labelled meek because they have a wrong understanding of what this characteristics is all about.....

    and it is something I am definitely in the process of learning :D
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