The Spirit Of Aholah And Aholibah

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  1. “THE WORD of the LORD came again unto me, saying, Son of Man, There were two women, the daughters of one mother: And they committed whoredoms in Egypt; they committed whoredoms in their youth: there were their breasts pressed, and there they bruised the teats of their virginity. And the names of them were Aholah the elder, and Aholibah her sister: and they were mine… Thus were their names; Samaria is Aholah, and Jerusalem Aholibah. And Aholah played the harlot when she was mine; and she doted on her lovers, on the Assyrians her neighbors”—Ezekiel 23:1-5 (Read to the end for the full details)

    It is with a very great burden in my heart, that I write this sermon. I had another sermon in mind to post, before God impressed this particular message in my heart, to post as quickly as possible. And I’m sure it is to rescue people from their pending destruction…

    Some time back, a Pastor friend of mine-Pastor Chukwuma Eliezer- related to me, how he was asking God, concerning the recent immorality-even in the Church. He said, he was asking God; why are Christians dressing naked-even to the Church? Why are women- who naturally would not want the opposite sex to see their nakedness-flaunting their sensitive parts? According to him, the Lord replied him: it is the ‘spirit of Aholah and Aholibah’.

    After hearing him say that, as time went on, I decided to study concerning this end time, evil spirit. After my studies, I came out with a very gnawing revelation, concerning this end-time cankerworm (the spirit of Aholah and Aholibah). Which I will be sharing online from time to time. As one article will never be enough to exhaust this subject…

    So What Is The spirit of Aholah and Aholibah All About?

    The spirit of Aholah and Aholibah, is the spirit of spiritual derailment. It is the spirit that makes many daughters of Zion (many Churches), to fraternize with the world. It is the spirit that has made many churches become worldly and the world become churchy…

    It is the spirit that makes many believers-even Ministers- sit on the fence. You know, believers nowadays, in order to avoid the reproach of the cross (persecution), now condone every doctrine and religion- even the erroneous ones.

    Recently, I was reading a particular forum thread, which questioned the spirituality of a Pastor, wearing long hair, and tattoo. And to my greatest dismay, so many believers never had any problem with it. The few folks that tried to point out the truth from the scriptures, were labeled, legalists and they also said they were being judgmental.

    But when Jesus, who is our perfect example walked the earth, he wasn’t sitting on the fence. He said he judged no man. But regardless, when he saw people in error, he did rebuke them. He did call them the children of devil. And when he said all that, he wasn’t in anyway being judgmental. Neither was he in anyway condemning, as many people will call it today…

    The bible tells us in the book of 2 Timothy 3:16-17; that “All scriptures are given by the inspiration of God, and they are profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works,”

    But what do we see today in Christendom? A brother or sister is erring according to scriptural tenets, and when you rebuke, reproof or correct them, they label you a judge and a condemner. Even when your rebuke or correction is from a scriptural point of view.

    All these are all backsliding spirit. All these are the spirit of the end-time. You know, the bible says; in the last days, the love of many shall wax cold. These are all the manifestations of the spirit of pervasion-the spirit of Aholah and Aholibah.

    So please, beloved, fellow zealous brothers and sisters. Lovers of truth and holiness- with the hope of making it to heaven at the last trump. Join me to fast, pray and preach against this evil, end-time spirit (the spirit of Aholah and Aholibah). Which is out to drag gazillion of believers to eternal damnation.

    The Lord reward you handsomely, as you do so in love, in Jesus matchless name.

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  2. While the long haired tattooed pastor has long hair which is obviously current, is it possible that he had the tattoo before he became a Christian?

    My wife got a frog tattoo on her shoulder blade well before she became a Christian. She surely can not be held accountable once she became a Christian.

    So the same could be said for the pastor mentioned, yes?
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  3. Of course, if the Pastor had the tattoo before repentance, he cannot be held accountable for it. But according to that thread, the Pastor is obviously flaunting it. Besides that's not really what amazed me. What amazed me was the fact that people didn't even see anything wrong with a Christian (especially a Pastor having a tattoo). They said, so long it does not have any devilish inscription then it's ok.
  4. I challenge anyone to walk into a tattoo shop anywhere and experience the "spirit" of the place.
    I'm sure anyone here will know what I mean once done. It simply is a fact, there are many monsters hanging out at tattoo shops, and they have a definite function.
    If you have a tattoo you received before coming to Christ, please, treat this as a vulnerable gate to your being.
    Anoint accordingly. Should you know of anyone who used to be in the occult world who is born again and now actively fights against it, ask them about tattoos - you'll be surprised.
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  5. I see nothing wrong with tattoos so long as they are treated like anything else we would purchase/wear. Can somebody get a God honoring tattoo? Yes. Are they common? No.

    It is also not in our place to write off somebody who has tattoos as "less spiritual" or backsliding. However, if somebody get a obviously vulgar/occultist tattoo while proclaiming to be a Christian, we can question the motives behind it where that person's heart is.

    I've met some scary looking biker dudes with long hair, tattoos and loud bikes. Shoot, some of them probably drank a beer every now and then in their homes. But these guys loved the lord, and had an amazing ministering opportunity in the biker community that many people would not be comfortable in.
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  6. Liberalism is a cancer in this world, in my opinion. This is why so many abominations are allowed in this modern world. From gay "marriage" to "changing" your gender (which is impossible, by the way), to girls wearing shorts that might as well be underwear, to children using profanity, to people promoting evolution and more and more and more.
  7. Just for the record, this was not what I was saying.
    I also know of Christians with tattoos, but, special care must be taken.
    Tattoo shops are most often a place of demonic gathering, ask those in your communities that used to be in the occult.
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  8. I completely agree, I have yet to be in a tattoo shop that isn't satanic/dark in its atmosphere. Not to say every one is like that, but the majority are.
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  9. Most tattoos are occult symbols.
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