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  1. Q: Married Couples, especially "empty nesters," what kinds of things do you do together to strengthen your relationships - to encourage each other, to improve or to enhance communication, to romance each other, to pursue each other (like when you were dating), to grow and to mature together, and to keep your love relationships alive, active, and fulfilling to each other?

    I am not speaking of the "S" word here, though I know this is certainly part of it, but I am speaking of the friendship and companionship (or romantic) aspect of a marriage relationship.

    I think sometimes the older we get, or the longer we have been married, the more we can get into routines or ruts and can lose some of that "spark," so I would be interested to know what you all do now (or did when your spouse was alive) to keep that "spark" (interest, excitement, enjoyment and/or fulfillment) going. Thanks!
  2. What's an empty nester?
  3. when the kid grow up n leave
  4. Sue my wife is 63 I'm 56. I dont see much of her cuz i werk swing shift. But on the week end we just go 4 a drive where we have not gone B4. Short road trips. We especially like to fly stunt kites at the beach or go to Seattle Pike place market and grub out on a crab dinner mmmmmmmmmmmmmm with salsa on the side with sour dough dippin bread mmmmmmmm. O she does like 3D movies with the moving seats hehehe it's kinda fun actually. We saw the Avengers. Cookin in the kitchen like the Nealys on food network but not that corny LOL. just a few to mention
  5. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and what works for you. I appreciate the input.

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