The Season of Spring

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  1. Spring is my favorite season. Last year, so many things happened in spring, around May, my birthday month. I started my own YouTube channel. That experience was so amazing, especially when the video is done and I uploaded it to YouTube. It was so awesome. It was about Pokemon. If you guys did not know, Pokemon was basically my life before I was saved. It was all I did. But I quit the game. Around the springtime, now, I get so much nostalgia of what I did last spring. I really want to play Pokemon again and start up a YouTube channel (for any game), but I refuse to give into it. That will severely damage my relationship with Christ, as all video games do. How do I deal with this? What are your thoughts on spring? What is your favorite season?
  2. I love it because it's just like the Resurrection from the dead (Winter).
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  3. I am upside down. It is autumn here. I love autumn. I hope when spring arrives, all the seeds i sowed be in flower by then.
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  4. My birthday in May too!
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  6. My sis in London and she is having spring. I want to go see her if she invites me and lets me stay.
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  7. Then you get to experience double spring.
  8. I love summer. The entire day, from waking to sleeping, is warm. The air has a delicious, fresh feel to it. And I adore spending a week at the beach, for me it's a spiritual experience.

    Pokeman, from what I know of it, is a pretty harmless game. Provided you do not invest too much time into it, it can be a healthy hobby. We all need some "mindless" form of entertainment now and again, like a favorite TV show or going to the movies.
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  9. I, too, enjoy warmth.
  10. Spring and fall are my favorites. Funny too because spring is like new life and fall is when everything is dying off and getting ready to go dormant.

    Juk playing video games will not ruin your relationship with the Father. Just be wise in which ones you play and how often or long or another words in moderation.
    Look here
    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend
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  11. I think that my favorite season is spring and winter. For some reason i just really enjoy the days after it has snowed and you see a fresh blanket across the grass. For me it is everything is resting. Spring is good because the newness of life is beginning. New leaves and the birds have returned to sing away. So beautiful! Plus my birthday is in the spring as well.

    As far as pokemon....pray and ask the Lord what He would like for you to do. Maybe it is time to start some new studies or workout routines.

    Blessings little man!
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