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  1. Saturday, November 09, 2013, 7:43 a.m. – When I woke up, the Lord Jesus put the song “Do You Love Me?” in my mind. Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. I read Philippians 3 (NIV).

    Those Evildoers

    Now I know, in context, Paul was referring to the Judaizers who were trying to convince Gentile Christians that they needed to be circumcised in order to be truly saved, yet the Lord Jesus is showing me a different set of “evildoers,” though similar, in our world today. Jesus is showing me a Sanhedrin – ruling council – that is global, i.e. the U.N. Security Council. Yet, he is also showing me a modern-day Rome and the Roman Coliseum and the games played there for the enjoyment and entertainment of those attending, including them being entertained and amused by the persecution and murdering of Christians. Only this arena is global today, and it is not in one physical location, but it is mainly virtual in nature, i.e. they (the Sanhedrin, N.W.O., Global Big Brother) watch through wireless monitors from all over the world. In other words, BIG BROTHER (Globally) is watching everywhere.

    The Lord Jesus is showing me a global order of rulers and judges, i.e. this U.N. Security Council (Sanhedrin), which makes judgments on the people and nations of the world, and which demands that the nations of the world bow to it or else pay the price. I have been reading news stories about them for quite a few years now, and the language is very similar from story to story. Yet this council has levels to it, and each level has a different function. For instance, the five permanent members of the council, plus Germany (the P5+1), appear to be the police force of the Council as they go around the world making sure that everyone complies with their rule of order. Yet, I believe the Lord Jesus is showing me that Israel is part of this global police force, which falls underneath the authority of the U.N. Security Council - which appears to be the ruling council of the New World Order.

    Even though the news stories paint Israel as strongly opposing the U.S. (+ the U.K., Germany, France, China and Russia) over this deal that they were purportedly trying to construct with Iran, what the Lord is showing me and has been showing me is that Israel is part of this world police force that is coming against the opposition to the Global world order, or in particular against true followers and witnesses for Jesus Christ and the truth of the gospel. In fact, he is showing me this P5+1 (+ Israel) as the Sanhedrin, as Pharisees, and as those who are vehemently opposed to the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, i.e. to the advancement of the true gospel. And, I believe he is revealing to me by his Spirit within me that what is truly going on in these Geneva talks has more to do with stopping the advancement of the gospel than anything else. We cannot trust what we read or hear in the news, because the Mainstream media is controlled by this global government.

    By Force

    The purpose of this Sanhedrin “police force,” in the exercising of their governmental powers, is to control the people and governments of the world, and true followers of Christ, by force. They have many methods and instruments available to them in the exercising of this force, too. One of them is weather manipulation, which I believe they use regularly, including with what just happened with this storm in the Philippines. The city that was at the core of this storm, and which suffered the most damage and loss of life is the capital city of Leyte and has a population comprised of 95% Christian (70% Roman Catholic and 25% Evangelical), according to Wikipedia. And, the Lord is definitely showing me this is about the persecution and killing of Christians, particularly those who proselytize their faith.

    The name of the storm that hit the Philippines was Haiyan, which is the Chinese name for Petrel, which is a bird. So, I looked up Petrel, which led me to Stormy Petrel, and this meaning at “One who brings discord or appears at the onset of trouble; a rebel.” Also see:

    The Lord Jesus has shown me that many of these storms, which are man-made, are given names with hidden meanings, such as the winter storms in the US this past winter were mainly named after Greek, Roman or Egyptian gods and goddesses or things related to false religion. There was a definite message being conveyed with most all of them. I believe this storm was a creation of this Sanhedrin (rebels) of the New World Order, and its purpose is to bring discord and trouble to the Philippines so that the “International Community” can once again come to the “rescue” and come in and take control of this country, and also for the purpose of persecuting and killing Christians, which is what they are doing throughout the globe, and it will soon come to America, too. They are headed west.

    The news article about this tropical storm described the storm as “marching” across these islands, perhaps picturing this storm as an army of soldiers advancing against this nation and this people. A tropical storm is also defined as a peculiar violent force, so again there is the word “force.” The U.N. Security Council is trying to force Iran into some type of compliance, though it may not truly be over their nuclear program, for the Lord Jesus has shown me many times over that we accuse Iran of doing what we (the US + Allies) are actually doing. The government of Iran could be working with us or for us, I don’t know for sure, but definitely what the Lord Jesus is showing me is that these talks are mainly about the halting of the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the killing of Christ’s true witnesses.

    Another way in which this force is coming against the church and the true gospel is through the advancement of same-sex marriages. In another news article (all news links below) I read where Hawaii is close to adopting same-sex marriage. The article suggests, too, that “other states could be forced to follow suit,” not encouraged, but forced. The way in which this comes against the true gospel is that scripture teaches that the homosexual lifestyle is sin which is opposed to God (See Rom. 1:18-32; 1 Co. 6:9-11; 1 Tim. 1:8-10; & Jude 1:7). It has historically been the cause for judgments of God, and that which must be eradicated from the life of a believer in Jesus Christ. When, by law, same-sex marriage is permissible in all states in the U.S., it will most likely be considered a hate-crime to speak out against the homosexual lifestyle, if that is not already the case, that is. The practice of homosexuality is sin, but so are a whole lot of other sins, so it should not be treated any differently. These scripture passages (referenced above) list other sins, as well.

    I Now Consider Loss

    Do You Love Me? / An Original Work / July 24, 2013

    Do you love Me now?
    Will you seek My face?
    I have given you
    My love and My grace.
    Will you walk with Me
    Ev’rywhere I lead?
    Will you find in Me
    All of what you need?

    Won’t you meet with Me
    Down upon your knees?
    Will you obey Me,
    And do what I please?
    Will you hear My voice
    Speaking now to you?
    I am couns’ling you
    To abide in truth.

    I have died for you;
    Taken all your sins –
    Crucified with Me,
    You have been forgiv’n.
    I have set you free
    From your slavery,
    So that you can now
    Live in victory.

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