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  1. Beginning where I left off. Beginning At verse 6, we see the first of seven important things necessary to receiving the revelation of Jesus Christ.
    " I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that call you into the grace of Christ into another Gospel."
    Now, what has happened here is the Galatians have not progressed. They have not continued being led of the Spirit into the fullness of the in Christ position. Consequently, they have been removed from Christ. After people are born again, it especially after they are Spirit filled, Jesus is in the center of their love affair. They love him, they talk about him and they were given to expressing the reality of Jesus. The center of their whole conversation and life is Jesus. But the Galatians, after having had this testimony of Christ centeredness, have removed him from the center.

    Your first step in going deeper with God is to analyze your own life. You must consider, am I still in the vibrant stage of first love that I had when I first met Jesus? It is not likely that you are because, since you first met Jesus, too many other aspects of the gospel have Internet in and you have not retain the vibrancy of love. As you continue to walk with the Lord, you're going to continue to pick up new truth. A person may be very Christ centered when He is first saved but after a while he begins to concentrate on these new trues he picks up. It may be divine healing, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, or a great move of God. If you watch new converts, this is a consistent pattern they become taken up with one of these things. For instance, I often tell our denominational friends who come into the Christ life movement that they ultimately will go through a state of demonology. It just seems to be a pattern. They are baptized in the Holy Spirit, and they go a little while trying to test God in every area, before you know it, they see demons in everything. They gravitate to the ministries of review came in casting out devils. Of course, that is important, but it needs to be placed in the proper perspective. I have ministered to some people who could not talk about Jesus at all because they were so devil conscience. Their speech was all of Satan.

    Need for Balance

    What does Paul say about the stages of truth? He says they are not another gospel because they are intricate part of the gospel, but to concentrate on only one issue is the pervert the gospel.
    See Verse 7: " which is not another; but there be some but trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ."
    Perversion will be Satan's greatest tool in the last days. The last day church will be motivated by the doctrines of Baalam and the sins of Jezebel, which are the sins of (spiritual) fornication-perversion. So what do we mean by that?
    I'll pick up there next time
  2. The last day Church is the same spotless Bride of Christ, unmolested by error.
  3. Agreed!
  4. I am not sure what you are trying to say.
  5. Hey I was just reading this article by David Wilkerson and was written May 23, 1994..
    I have only skimmed though this so far but intend to read it fully when I get back. However what I saw went along with what you are saying. Check it out...........

  6. Yep. Nice to know that he agrees with us.

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