The Rattleback phenominon

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  1. The Rattleback phenominon

  2. Hmmm ..... Some body has a lot of time on their hands ..... He he :D:D
  3. I was just thinking about making one or two of those for my kids.

    (I like to mess with their minds!!) :D
  4. Eh- wha- ack. Dang it, Physics broke again...

  5. :goodpost:

    Hey Richard,

    I just did that exact thing in the dining room and it really works.

    My kids are all over it, they can't figure out if I glued the ruler or what!!! :D

    Thanks brother!!

    (These are reasons why they listen when I tell them that I know even their private thoughts.) :cool:
  6. Always happy to help a parent keep complete dominance over their offspring through subversion and lies. :cool:
  7. Amen Brother!

    Sometimes we gotta beat the Devil at his own game!! :D
  8. I balanced it on a guitar stand and it freaked out my dog too!!

  9. Westie

    Hi Ride4theSon, A bit off topic here.....but is that a 'wee westie' in your pic? I have one too. I just love the westies. Daisy is seven years old now and the smartest little dog I've ever had. In Scotland, Westies are a really popular dog. There are four on my street alone.

    Sorry folks, I'll return to the topic now, just got carried away when I seen the dog pic:D....That just worked for me too. Clever trick.:cool:
  10. Actually she's a Lhasa Apso, but she just got her summer haircut so the short hair really throws people. I like Westie's too.
  11. That is cool!:)
  12. AHHHHH....On closer inspection, I see she has floppy ears, not a westie trait. Either way she is a little beauty.
  13. Thank you, her name is Roxy.
    She's a little sweetheart.
    She looks like a Lhasa if we let her hair grow, but frankly it's a hastle to keep brushed and in the summer she is much happier with it short. :D

    Our other dog is a Cockapoo, my oldest daughter and him won a Pink, Two Blue ribbons and took Purple (first place) in the county 4-H show last year!! :smile_anim:
  14. Just what I do with Daisy, get her cut right in. Can't imagine a cocker spaniel and poodle mix, imagine he would be a clever dog with lots of energy. Must have been lovely for your daughter to win the ribbons:)

    I have two dogs too. The other is a Basset Hound. The least said about him the better:rolleyes:. Stubborn as a mule, but twice as crafty.

    Wouldn't be without either of them though:)
  15. I just set up a place where I can post pictures now.
    In fact, that was my first pic on this web site other than in my profile.
    I'll put a picture up of our Cockapoo (Baxter).

    I'm pretty sure we have a "Pets " thread, I'll put him in there.

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