The Prodigal Project

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  1. The Prodigal Project

    Book 1, it says...Genesis.

    I read the dust jacket and frowned...sounds a lot like the Left Behind books. But oh well...the book was a quarter. I threw it onto my "want pile" and kept on looking.

    At home, I looked the book over again.

    Has anybody heard about this? Is this going to be like a trend now? Grab another author and write your own Rapture book series? Whoever liked Left Behind is going to love Prodigal Project? The Left Behind series was such a wild success that people are still hungry for more, and so on?

    I'm still reading the Left Behind series. But a google of the Prodigal Project's series told me that it came to an end with Book 4: Kings. That's when the publishers pulled the plug. :confused:

    Anyway, wanted to hear from anyone else out there who might have read this series. Is it worth a read?

  2. Haven't heard of it brother D, let me know how you like it,

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