The Prayer

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  1. Dear Heavenly Father,
    how clichéd is this?
    I want to find out more about myself,
    so I turn now to you.
    I waited,
    and waited,
    and waited.

    You said
    Look my child, look around you,
    and there you will see me.

    So I did.

    I saw you…
    in the midst of the couple who eloped to exchange desperate vows,
    at the moment a newborn takes his first breath,
    in the young woman who dropped coins for the street buskers,
    in the gratitude of a homeless person,
    reflected in the smile of a toddler who’s just taken her first step,
    in the beauty of a cherished woman,
    in the determination of a soldier trying his best to protect those he loved,
    in the creativity of an aspiring artist,
    in the satisfaction of a writer’s first completed draft,
    in the friends I’ve made while overseas,
    in the missionaries and families who befriended a broken girl,
    when I received my first blessing,
    in my boyfriend when he prayed with me,
    in the people you’ve sent, and…… also,
    in the last smile my grandfather gave.

    And now Father, I see… You.

    I see you when I ponder upon what you say,
    when I go to church each Sabbath day.
    I see you when I let you show me your way
    by partaking the water and the bread,
    choosing to be eternally fed.
    I hope you teach my spirit each day
    to remember my prayers, and never sway.
    & when life is over, and I’ve endured to the end,
    let Jesus put his arm around me,
    as my brother and friend.


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  2. Wow 3nails+1cross=4given Welcome back to CFS!! woot woot! We / I missed you a bunch. Look who's back HMS and Pastor Gary it's our long lost sister from Singapore! A beautiful prayer you put together sis :D:LOL:
  3. Hello Chili!!!

    I've missed you guys a bunch too!! :') Thanks for the welcome, and look at you now, a mod!! :p

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